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Are you aware of the historic inception of Bandhavgarh National Park

Bandhavgarh tiger

Are you aware of the historic inception of Bandhavgarh National Park

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Bandhavgarh has a fabled and pre-historic tale about its existence.

Are you aware that Bandhavgarh National Park is named after an age-old citadel on the hillock of Vindhya ranges?

“Bandhav” signifies “Brother” and “Garh” signifies “Fortress”, which together unravels the signifying meaning of ‘Bandhavgarh-“Brother’s Fort”. According to a mythical tale, this fort was a gift to Laxmana by his elder brother Lord Rama and thus it got the name “Bandhavgarh” or “Brother’s Fort”. Bandhavgarh Fort witnesses a few confirmations of human activities and strangely, amazing stories reveal that the destroyed citadel was reconstructed by a monkey who participated in structuring the bridge between “Lanka” (presently Sri Lanka) and ‘Ram Rajya”(now India). This story also has a mention in the book of ‘Narad Panchratra’ and the Shiv Purana.

Bandhavgarh tiger


The Bandhavgarh Fort is an architectural marvel of “Treta Yuga”. It has been incredible amongst the most ancient work of art dated centuries ago, as per the archaeological overviews.

The voyagers who are keen on guaranteed jungle safari booking in Bandhavgarh must consider a trek to the age-old fortress to discover the engravings of the Bharihas and Vakatakclan, who ruled Bandhavgarh and its adjoining areas ages ago. The other major reigns that ruled Bandhavgarh are the Sengars, the Kalchuris and the Baghels.

In the erstwhile times, Bandhavgarh was the favored hunting site of Rewa Royal families as it was their private property. Subsequently, while the tiger threats dominated in the territory, the kings of Rewa executed 109 tigers. Later Rewa Royal family given over Bandhavgarh to the state government and in 1968, and this regal property was proclaimed as the national park.

The great populace Royal Bengal Tigers at Bandhavgarh established it as tiger reserve in the year 1193 under project tiger network. Till date, this astounding woodland houses dense populace of tiger species. Hence, it draws in enormous quantities of natural life devotees consistently.

If you are planning to visit Bandhavgarh this season it is recommended to check jungle safari rates, since it changes time-to time based on weather conditions. Additionally, check for the core safari booking as it also changes often.

To witness the wilderness of jungle inmates, a stay in Bandhavgarh is required. There are several accommodations in Bandhavgarh National Park from which you can choose based on your requirement. The national park harbours an incredible assortment of best luxury and budget accommodations with all sorts of modern facilities. Along with a pleasant stay, we also arrange fun-filled activities including jungle safaris, nature walk, bird watching, cycling and a lot more for their visitors to guarantee each and every minute is loaded up with fun and excitement.

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