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Bor Accommodation

Bor Tiger Reserve

Bor Wildlife Sanctuary is the sixth ‘Tiger Reserve’ of Maharashtra. It is one of the Tiger reserves near Nagpur, which got its acclamation in the year 2014. Bor Tiger Reserve is located close to Hingani near the valley of Wardha river in Wardha District. The distance from Nagpur to Bor is approximately 65 km, with driving time of 1 hr 30 mins. It is It occupies approximately 138 sq km area, which includes the drainage basin of Bor Dam. It is noteworthy that Bor Tiger reserve and some of the other adjoining areas is going to get included as the “Satellite core Area” under Pench Tiger Reserve.

Bor Tiger Reserve represents the rich flora and fauna of Satpura-Maikal Landscape. The wild inmates of this forest comprise the majestic Royal Bengal Tiger, Indian leopard, chital, sambar deer, Indian bison, blue bull, peacock, barking deer, mouse deer, monkey, wild boar, sloth bear and many others. Jungle Safari Bor will give you an opportunity to witness the activities of the variety of species.

The wildlife sanctuary is filled variety of floral species such as Teak, Ain, Tendu (East Indian ebony), Neem, Sandalwood and Bamboo. Jungle safari online booking for Bor Tiger Reserve can be done easily. Along with Jungle Safari, this wildlife sanctuary serves to be an exclusive destination for picnic near Nagpur. It is ideal for a day tour and can be accessed for several events!

About Bor Accommodation


Bor Art Village is a comfortable resort in Bor, offering deluxe stay along with the plethora of other activities. The resort is located close to the tiger reserve and acquires a considerable landscape area. The resort premise is adorned with beautifully designed rooms including lavish bamboo rooms in the machan and cottages with all sorts of modern amenities.

The wooden interiors of the rooms give a rustic feel amidst a complete modern setup, so that the guests enjoy and feel the existence of nature and contemporary facilities hand-in-hand. The resort also hosts a restaurant serving mouth-watering delicacies. Moreover, Bor Art village hosts myriad of activities for corporate and other personal events near Nagpur, starting from hosting day tour for corporates, till arranging family functions such as weddings, kitty parties, bachelor parties, birthday parties near Nagpur etc. The resort also offers various recreational facilities like Golf Club, Swimming Pool and many more.

Along with Jungle Safari booking Bor, the spacious resort will make you feel at home and have a relaxed time in combination with the thrilling backdrop of Bor Tiger Reserve. So that the visitors are filled with exciting memories while returning!

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  • Bordharan Gate: It is the primary gate to enter Bor Tiger Reserve. It is located at 62 km from Nagpur on Nagpur Hingna Road. This gate offers morning and evening safari options.
  • Adegaon Gate: It is the second important gate to enter Bor Tiger Reserve. It is located at 52 km from Nagpur on Nagpur Wardha Road. This gate also provides morning and evening Safari schedule.
  • Morning Jeep: 6.00 A.M to 11.00 A.M. (entry allowed until 7.30 a.m.)
  • Afternoon Jeep: 2.00 P.M. until 6.00 P.M (entry allowed until 4.00 p.m.)


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