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Passerine Retreat Resort

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Passerine Retreat Resort


“Your Home in the Woods”

Located in the heart of Neora Valley, One can enjoy the closeness of nature treading along narrow paths laid down by dry leaves and mosses, frequented by birds, clubbed up with earthy fragrance will definetely quench your thrist fot nature.

Passerine Retreat Farmstay- Located at Rishyap, amidst the virgin forests of Neora valley is indeed a Birder’s Heaven. Different species for Hill birds visit the resort premises throughout the day. Birds such as Niltavas, Shrike-babblers, finches, Scimitar babblers, Laughing Thrushes and Owls etc can be easily seen in the forests around the farmstay. Wild mammals like Civet, Martens and Barking deers can be also sighted.


Passerine is surrounded by pristine forest that provide a safe refuge to a diverse variety of Hill Birds.  45+ seasonal variety of species can be regularly seen inside the premises which provides a good opportunity to photograph them. The resort also gives a magical view of the Sun and Moon rise from the valley.

During night one can just sit back at the balcony and enjoy the beauty of the star studded ink blue sky and be mesmerized by the tranquility and the magic of this heavenly place. Passerine retreat offers the best stay in Rishop along with an exceptional experience.

Best of Farm stay. Wilderness. Defined!!


About Rishop

“Rishop” the hidden jewel, small village in the district of Kalimpong in the states of West Bengal.  Sunrise at Kenchanjunga Peak and Birding is the major attraction for birdwatchers. There are folklores linked with this name. “Ri” stands for mountain peak and “shop” means decade old trees.

The magnificent sight of the snow-capped Kanchenjunga is beheld from this traditional village. It is 2591 meters around high from the sea level.

Various unique species of colorful birds are witnessed here which can-not be seen in any other parts of the globe. Rishop is a part of renowned Neora valley and Lava. The trips are generally done to these places covering the entire circuit. This is known for Bird watching, hiking and trekking.

Places to visit around Rishyap for Birding:

  • Tifindara
  • Shiva Budha temple
  • Small Village Kolkham
  • Changey waterfall
  • Sunrise point at Kanchenjunga
  • Lava & Lohegaon
  • Damsang fort in Pedong
  • Birding tours by Bolero

Best time to visit Rishop:

  • Best time to visit Kanchenjunga is December to April.
  • Best time for birdwatching is between November to May.
  • Nature is at its best during monsoon staring from June to August. Nature lovers are recommended to visit during this time.

Accommodation in Passerine Retreat Resort:

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How To Reach Passerine Retreat Resort:

Contact Details of Passerine Retreat Resort:

  • No Information Available
  • Morning birding timings 6:00- 11:00 am
  • Evening Birding timings 2:30-6:00 pm


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