Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve (TATR) Thorough Information

Tadoba National Park

Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve is spreaded in 625.4 square kilometers and is one of the largest and oldest Tiger reserves of the state. It was established in the year 1955. This is located in Chimur and Chandrapur districts of Maharashtra. Tadoba Andhari Tiger reserve was formed in the year 1995 when Tadoba National park and Andhari wildlife sanctuary was merged to form the India’s 41st Tiger Reserve. Tadoba has been named from the God Taru who was worshipped in earlier days by the local tribes.

There are many water bodies in the reserve, which helps to balance the water levels. Tadoba Lake differentiates between parks defined area and the farmland of villagers in Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve. Erai water reservoir is another source, this is famous spot for crocodiles to thrive, and one can see many crocodiles here during the jeep safari tour in Tadoba. Kolsa Lake and Andhari River are other resources of water in Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve.

Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve is one of the most known Tiger reserve in India. This is famous for Tiger sightings throughout the year. Tadoba is also known as “Jewel of Vidarbha” and attracts large no of tourists for Safari tours in Tadoba. Tadoba National park is open for tourism and Jungle safari in Tadoba throughout the year. During monsoons few entry gates are closed and remaining ones are open for Jungle safari in Tadoba.

For the best Tiger sighting experience Tadoba safari tour package shall be booked well in advance. To have the proper planned Tadoba safari vacation its recommended to book Tadoba tour package from an experts, this will help to explore all the famous parts of the park to witness the best Tiger sightings in Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve and guided bird watching in Tadoba National Park. Online Jungle safari bookings are assisted to ensure the best entry gates to be booked for every individual.

Flora in Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve:


Forest of Tadoba is dry deciduous with dense woodland and bamboo and teak are the species of trees found majorly in the forest. Other trees include Ain (crocodile bark), Bija, Dhauda, Hald, Salai, Semal and Tendu. Beheda, Hirda, Karaya Gum, Mahua Madhuca (crepe myrtle) and Lannea coromandelica are other common treses and plants available in the forest and can be seen during game drive in Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve.

One of the medicinal plant Kach Kujali (velvet bean), known for the use of treating the Parkinson’s disease is found here.

Fauna in Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve:


Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve is a home for Royal Bengal Tigers, and also other mammals which includes Indian leopard, Cheetal, Sloth Bear, Gaur, Dhole, chinkara, langoor’s, Jungle cats, Barking dear, Blue bull, Spotted dear, Flying squirrel, Indian civet, Sambar dear, and Chausingha. One can witness the wildlife of Tadoba living in their natural habitat during Tadoba Jungle safari. All of them can be seen near waterbodies, or grasslands. Leopards are seen mostly in rocky areas of the forest.

Jungle Safari in Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve:


Forest Department Has Divided The Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve Entry Gates Into Two Categories.

  • Core Area: This is the main forest area where there are no trace of human habitation are allowed and only dominated by the wild inmates of the jungle. Only partial part of this area is open for tourism zone for Jungle safari in tadoba.
  • Buffer Zones: These are the areas where there is existence of small villages around this part of forest, can say a bit of mankind and wildlife co-exists. Tiger sightings are great in this part of Tadoba reserve as well.

Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve Is Divided Into Three Core Areas

  • – Tadoba Zone/Range (via Kolara & Navegaon gates)
  • – Moharli Zone/Range (via Moharli & Khutwanda Gates)
  • – Kolsa Zone/Range (via Zari & Pangadi gates)

Types of Jungle Safari in Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve

  • Jeep Safari: This is an open Jeep, 6 people can accommodate in each jeep with one guide and driver. Jeep safari in Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve is recommended for a family group and for wildlifers or photographers.
  • Canter safari: This is a common safari in that 22 people can accommodate in a time, it is a shared safari andCanter is like an Open big size jeep. There are 2 guides in the canter. Canters are the economical option for safari, but are not online booked.

Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve Entry Gates Overview:

The accessible entry gates from Nature’s Sprout wildlife lodges of Tadoba Bodhivann Jungle Camp in Kolara and Tadoba Trails in Moharli are as follows:

  • Moharli Zone – This is the part of core zone and is very renowned amongst tourists. Distance from Nagpur to Tadoba, Moharli is 135 KmsJamun jhora is known for its thick bamboo plantation, where the Tiger camouflages itself in search of its prey. This is the territory of Tigress Sonam and King Tiger Bajrang. Enambodi, Andhari River and Teliya Lake are the famous points in the forest. Tourists are recommended to visit Teliya Lake during their Safari trip in Tadoba Moharli. Wildlife is witnessed here in large number, being one of the biggest water bodies in the park. Andhari River passes through moharli range, so it is known as Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve. This is 1.5 Kms from Tadoba trails, Luxury resort in Tadoba. This park is close to Chandrapur.
  • Khutvanda Zone – This is also the part of core zone, and is easily accessible from Tourists travelling from Chandrapur or staying in Moharli. Aswal hira is the famous place and has bamboo plantation. This is the territory of Tigress Devdoh. She is a shy Tigress. One can experience these places during safari tour in Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve. This park is nearest to Chandrapur. Accommodation in Tadoba Trails, Budget resort near Moharli zone can be planned with safari trip to Tadoba. Distance from Nagpur to Tadoba, Khutvanda is 140 Kms.
  • Kolara zone – Kolara is also part of core zone and jungle safari in Kolara is accessible from Bohivann Jungle camp in Tadoba. Jamni Village point is very famous place in side this forest. The village has been moved out from the forest and established in some other part of Tadoba. This was the territory of Famous Tiger Matkasur and Tigress Choti Tara, after the territory fight between Tiger Rudra and Matkasur, Matkasur is struggling to maintain this part of forest as his territory. All the above Tiger and Tigress are seen in this part of Tadoba forest during the jungle safari in Kolara Tadoba. This park is accessible from Chimur. Distance from Nagpur to Tadoba Kolara zone is 120 Kms.
  • Navegaon Zone – Navegaon is among one of the core zone of Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve is. This is the territory of the queen Maya Tigress, known for her majestic looks. This part of forest is also shared by Matkasur, one of the dominant male Tiger of Tadoba. The famous places in this part of Tadoba reserve are Tadoba Lake, Jamuni meadows, 97 Point, Jamun body and Pander Pauni. During the Jungle safari in Navegaon, one must try to visit these places, as the chances of Tiger sightings are higher in these parts of Tadoba forest. Distance from Nagpur to Tadoba Navegaon gate is 120 Kms. This park is near to Bodhivann Jungle camp luxury accommodation in Tadoba.
  • Pangdi – This entry zone is far from both the places. Distance from Nagpur to Tadoba, Pangdi is 250 Kms. The safaris are often available at this part as is far from Nagpur and all the resorts located in Kolara. This is approximately 40 Kms from Bodhivann Jungle camp a tented accommodation in Tadoba Tiger Reserve. Pangdi offers 4 rides of jungle safari in Tadoba each day.
  • Zari (Kolsa) – This part also comes under Core zone, is accessible from Moharli. Distance from Nagpur to Tadoba Kolsa zone is 180 KmsThis zone has a higher population of Indian Bison and the deer population is less as compare to other parts of Tadoba forest. This is known for its beautiful landscape. This is approximately 50 Kms from Moharli. Guests staying in Moharli cover the jungle safari tour to Kolsa zone in Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve. Shivanghari Tigress has marked her territory in this part of Tadoba Reserve. Sukdibodi is the famous and most sighted Male Tiger in Kolsa zone.
  • Agarzari Zone – This part offorest is different from other zones and is covered by back water of Irai dam. There are few famous areas like crocodile point, 92 point, 94 point and Jharna nala. Tigress Choti Madhu, Madhuri and Tiger Wagdoh share the territory in this part of Tadoba reserve. Tiger sightings are high in these parts of the forests. It is located at a distance of approximately 150 Km from Nagpur. It is close to the other buffer zone, Devada Adegaon. The online jungle safari bookings are available for the morning and evening slots. This is near to the moharli zone. Guests can book the stay in Tadoba Trails during their safari trip to Tadoba.
  • Devada Adegaon Zone – Devada zone is located close to Agarzari entry zone. Distance from Nagpur to Tadoba, Online safari bookings to Tadoba Devada Adegaon zone is available. Devada is 155 Kms. Tourists stay in Moharli and travel to Devada park entry zone for Jungle safari. This is 8 Kms from Moharli zone in Tadoba National Park. Sonam Tigress has marked her territory in this part of forest. Khali Tiger is often seen during jungle safari trip in Tadoba. This zone offers Morning and evening safari in Tadoba National Park. Devada lake, Lal gota are the few famous points in this forest, which can be experienced during safari tour to Tadoba. Tadoba Trails is one of the best budget stay in Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve.
  • Junona Zone – This buffer zone is close to Moharli Gate of the core area. This is located 155 Kms from Nagpur and 8 Kms from Moharli zone in Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve. For the Jungle safari in Junona, tourists shall book accommodation in Tadoba towards Moharli zone. Junona offers Morning, evening and Night safari in Tadoba to the guests. Night safari in Tadoba is officially allowed and this zone is designated for the same. Guest can book the best accommodation in Tadoba Trails for the comfortable stay. Tigress Aishwarya and Tiger Bajrang are sighted in this part of the forest during the jungle safari trip in Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve.
  • Randegi Navegaon – Ramdegi Navegaon has a good Tiger sighting updates, and is one of the Buffer zones of Kolara range and 12 Jeeps are allowed from this entry gate of Tadoba forest for safari trip in Tadoba. Distance from Nagpur to Tadoba, Ramdegi Navegaon is 106 Kms. Tourists staying in Bodhivann Jungle Resort can easily come to this park for Jeep safari in Tadoba National Park.
  • Madnapur – Madnapur is offering the best Tiger sightings in Tadoba to the tourists. The famous Tigress of this part of Tadoba National park is Juna bai and is witnessed in this forest and sighted frequently with cubs, She has been named Juna bai on the name of area in the forest. Madnapur part of forest is also the marked territory of dominant male Tiger Kankazari, The famous points to see in Madnapur forest during safari in Tadoba are 102, 862,864. This is near the wildlife lodge in Tadoba Bodhivann Jungle Camp a luxury accommodation in the wilderness of Tadoba.
  • Kolara Zone – This zone of tadoba reserve is offering very good Tiger sightings to the guests. It shares almost the same part of forest with Madnapur and is known for the beautiful meadows. Sharmili is another Tigeress often witnessed by tourist during Tadoba Safari trip. She lives in the territory of Kankazari male Tiger. Distance from Nagpur to Tadoba, Kolara is 104 Kms. Kolara zone is offering best sightings during jungle safari in tadoba. This zone is near to a resort in Tadoba, Bodhivann Jungle Camp.
  • Sirkada Zone – This forest is not much explored by tourists, because of its distance from the resorts. as a matter of fact this offers great Tiger and other wild sightings. The famous and probably the biggest Tiger of Tadoba is Dadiyal Tiger, approximately 10 Years old dominant male has marked his territory in this part of Tadoba forest known as Sirkada gate of Tadoba. Patiln bai is also sighted during Jungle safari in Tadoba. The famous water body in Sirkada is Cane Patil Talao and 264, 265 water holes. This offers the sightings of spotted deer, Sloth bear and many more. It is highly recommended to stay in Tadoba in Bodhivann Jungle Camp for the Tadoba safari trip to Sirkada.
  • Alizanza Zone – Alizanza is very famous forest park entry gate in Tadoba National Park. This zone is one of the beautiful and picturesque landscapes of Tadoba reserve. This attracts lot of wildlifers and wildlife photographers in tadoba due to the great Tiger sightings of male Tiger and female Tigeress. The travel time from resort to entry gate is 10 mins. There are 3 famous Tigresses regularly sighted in this part of Tadoba reserve during Safari tour to Tadoba and are tourists friendly. Zarni Tigress is seen with her cubs during Jungle safari in Alizanza gate in Tadoba. The dominant male Tiger “Mogli” is sighted often by tourists in Jungle safari trip to Tadoba in Alizanza zone.
The famous places to see are Joga Moga, Zaran, Kumbhai, Kini, Chuha. The major sightings are around these places in the forest.

Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve (TATR) Jungle Safari Timings

1st Oct to 30th Nov6.00 AM – 8.00 AM10:00 AM2.30 PM – 4.00 PM6.30 PM
1st Dec to 28th / 29th Feb6.30 AM – 8.30 AM11:00 AM2.00 PM – 3.30 PM6:00 PM
1st Mar to 30th April5.30 AM – 7.30 AM10:00 AM3.00 PM – 4.30 PM6.30 PM
1st May – 30th June5.00 AM – 7.00 AM9.30 AM3.30 PM – 5.00 PM7:00 PM


All the procedures of online safari booking for Tadoba Tiger Reserve are managed by the forest officials and are as per the rules and regulations of Maharashtra’s forest department. Nature’s Sprout assists in online Jungle safari bookings of Tadoba Safari tour for our guests. If you are planning to escape in wilderness of Tadoba, we can ensure to make your travel a memorable safari trip to Tadoba.

Along with safari trip in Tadoba, we can assist for best accommodation in Tadoba in our wildlife lodges, Tadoba Trails towards Moharli zone and Bodhivann Jungle Camp towards Kolara zone.


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