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Bandhavgarh National Park

Bandhavgarh National Park’s panoramic view consist of landscape includes cliffs, 32 hills, plateaus and beautiful grasslands and meadows. The lower slopes of the region have Sal and Bamboo forest. The higher hills of the park include high grasslands which are considered as themost important vegetation of Bandhavgarh forest. Bandhavgarh is one of the most picturesque national parks in India.

Bandhavgarh National Park is one of the famous wildlife destinations of India, located at the Vindhya Hills of Umaria District in Madhya Pradesh. Spread across 1537 sq Km roughly, the national Park is the residence for almost 22 mammal species and 250 various kinds of bird species. The national park can be easily reached via road, rail and flight. It has an easy connectivity from Umaria and Katni railway Stations, as well as Jabalpur and Khajuraho Airports. Road trippers can also take the road route via Nagpur.

The main 6 zones in Bandhavgarh National Park for Bandhavgarh Jungle Safari are as follows :

    • Tala – Where the vast Chakradhar meadow gives way to the rocky hill topped by Bandhavgarh Fort. Halfway uphill, in a grove at the source of the Charanganga River, lies the statue of Reclining lord Vishnu.


    • Magadhi – Another beautiful zone with mountains and meadows. Magadhi has surpassed the “star” zone of Tala for tiger sightings recently.


    • Khitauli – One of the beautiful zone of the bandhavgarh forest and has a great sighting of The Tigerress with cubs, leopards and sloth bears.


    • Panpatha – This is bit far of from Tala gate, where all the resorts are located, offers dhole (wild dog) sightings, along with the KING.


    • Dhamokhar – Famous for wildlife sightings. Partial plain area of the forest is famous for Leopard and Sloth bear sightings. Arjun chad is the centre point of the forest to have breakfast and feel the freshness of the lemon trees.


  • Johila – 2 main water falls are there, which helps in maintaining the water level of the forest during the summers. Also takes care of the thirst of wildlife of forest. Cechpur water fall is renowned in the area. This is birdwatchers paradise, presence of migratory and residential birds are witnessed all round the year due to the availability of the water and the flora of forest.


Jungle Safari in Bandhavgarh:


    • Open Jeep Safari – An open jeep can accommodate 6 persons, above 5 years of age are counted as one person for safari rides in Bandhavgarh. Jungle safari in Bandhavgarh is accompanied by guide and driver. Morning & Evening Safari’s are booked for tourists.


    • Canter Safari – Jungle safari on canter is a new concept for Central India national park, this concept is already successful in Ranthambore National Park in Rajasthan. Safari canters are introduced in Bandhavgarh, Kanha national park and Pench national park in Madhya Pradesh. It is a open 12 to 24 seater bus. Canter safari tickets are booked through the booking counter at the gate of Bandhavgarh National Park. Online canter safari bookings are not allowed. Morning & Evening Bandhavgarh safari’s are booked in the park.


    • Full Day Safari – The duration of the safari is from dawn to dusk, and is fifteen minutes more for entry and exit then the regular permits. The tourists aiming for full day safari have to make a deposit with the forest department of ten thousand rupees. The Bandhavgarh National park permits zone and route free entry besides the extra timings.


    • Elephant Safari – We call it Elephant Joy ride or Elephant safari and is allowed in tala zone in Bandhavgarh, Elephant safari has gained popularity among wildlifers, they travel to Bandhavgarh National park to appreciate the beauty of the forest and the glorious beast of Bandhavgarh. Elephant safari makes the tour more enjoyable and complete. The chances of Tiger sightings are high during elephant safari in Bandhavgarh Tala zone. For the professional photographers and filming this is the blessing as it offers half day safari. This is booked first cum first basis.

Park Safari Timings15th Oct – 15th Feb16th Feb – 31st Mar01st Apr – 30th June
Morning Safari06:30 – 11:0006:00 – 11:0005:30 – 10:00
Evening Safari Time14:30 – 17:3015:00 – 18:0016:00 – 19:00


    • Jeep safari in Bandhavgarh are open from 1st Oct till 30th June every year. This is applicable for 3 entry zones. The other 3 zones are open through out the year.


    • Safari timing is Bandhavgarh is sole discretionary power of Park management & may change anytime as per situation.


    • National parks in MP are closed on Wednesday evening for Jungle safari all across the state. National park is closed in the month of March on Holi festival day.


  • Government ID Proof is mandatory for Bandhavgarh safari bookings.

How to reach Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve:


    • By Air: Varanasi, Khajurahi, Jabalpur & Raipur flight connectivity are recommended to reach Bandhavgarh National park.


  • By Rail: From Umaria, Katni, Jabalpur and Raipur are closest Railway stations to reach Bandhavgarh National Park.


Following things are advisable things to carry during travel to National Park in Bandhavgarh


    • Sun-glasses, Hat or cap, proper foot wear.


    • Good-quality camera is essential to capture the memories of wildlife Jungle safari in Bandhavgarh.


    • Earth color clothing to be worn, avoid wearing shiny clothes.


  • Binoculars to have a clear sightings from a distance.


Climate of Bandhavgarh


Bandhavgarh National Park enjoys North Indian Monsoonal climate. The major seasons of Bandhavgarh are winters, summers and rains. The mercury drops to 2°C during winters and rises up to 45°C in summers. During monsoons, it receives an average rainfall of 1133 mm. The southern cyclones are the reason for some rains in this region.

History of Bandhavgarh

Named after the ancient fortress on the hillocks of Vindhya ranges in Umaria district, it is believed that this fortress was gifted by Lord Rama to his younger brother Lakshmana. The literal meaning of Bandhavgarh is brother’s fort, derived from the combination of two words ‘Bandhav’ means ‘Brother’ and “Garh’ means ‘Fort’.

Interesting Information about Bandhavgarh

Popularly known to be the home for tigers, Bandhavgarh National Park is the place of interest for several wildlife tourists.  Jungle safari booking Bandhavgarh is hence primarily the main attraction for the travellers. Apart from tigers, the other animal species such as leopard, sloth bear, deer, jackal, chausingha, nilgai and many varieties can also be sited.

Bandhavgarh National Park is also popular for its thick flora. The huge periphery of the national park comprises plateau, hills, cliffs and meadows. It hosts a balanced concentration of sal vegetation, bamboo stretches and tall grasslands across the topography. Some of the additional floral species include Mango, Saj, Banyan, Babul, Amla, Jamun, Dhara Arjun and so on. Jungle safari online booking for Bandhavgarh is also a means to enjoy exciting safari travel plan.

Nature’s Sprout brings you the opportunity to witness the majestic wildlife by staying at lavish Bandhavgarh Meadows. This luxury resort in Bandhavgarh National Park harbours lavish villas, cottages and tents. This accommodation in Bandhavgarh National Park provides all sorts of modern comforts with contemporary amenities and facilities.


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