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VIllage Machaan Resort Thorough Information

Pench National Park

Village Machaan Resort is surrounded by exotic flora and fauna that unfurls their rustic aspect. Positioned in the (Buffer) area of Pench Tiger Reserve, it adds to the authentic beauty of the forest area. Being the most stunning Hotels in Pench, it is built proudly as an eco-friendly resort which has been active in the conservation of wildlife.

Miss Megha Kalra, director of Nature’s Sprout is also the co-owner of this luxurious retreat.


Come and explore the majestic surroundings of the Hotels in Pench that will unveil a memorable experience for sure. Every part of the resort is designed smartly with a larger part of the area left open for a natural appeal. It stands out to be a secluded place allowing visitors to indulge in the most stupendously fantabulous moments of their lives. Stunning is the right word to explain the aura of V Village Machaan that offers Glass Cottage Accommodation.

Enhancing the striking stature of the resort as well as Glass Cottages, are its emerald green lawns, plush interiors, and luxurious style. Visitors staying at an elegant Hotels in Pench will have a wonderful option to discover the rustic appeal of forests through jungle safari booking at affordable rates. Created to give a panoramic view of areas around the resort, it is a home away from home for our valuable visitors.

Feel akin to nature with the natural surroundings and get accustomed to the wildlife species of Pench at V Village Machaan Resort. Slated to be one of the excellent Hotels In Pench, it is an ideal holiday destination.

Accommodation in Pench National Park (Village Machaan):

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How To Reach Village Machaan:

Address of Village Machaan:

    Safari zones and the distance from resort :
  • Madhya Pradesh:- Turia Gate – 3km | Teliya Gate – 8km | Rukhad Gate – 35km | Karmajhiri Gate – 55km | Jamtara Gate – 58km | Wolf Sanctuary
  • Maharashtra:- Khursapar Gate – 13km | Sillari Gate – 40km | Chorbahuli Gate – 40km
  • Morning Jeep: Morning Jeep: 6.00 A.M to 11.00 A.M. (entry allowed until 7.30 a.m.)
  • Afternoon Jeep: Afternoon Jeep: 2.00 P.M. until 6.00 P.M (entry allowed until 4.00 p.m.)


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