Our hotels, resorts cleaning and safety protocol During this challenging time of Pandemic, Nature’s Sprout seeks to make each guest feel safe and secure. So, all our resorts, hotels and Homestays are following the Covid’19 Cleanliness protocol to ensure the smooth and safe vacations of the guests as well as the safety of our team.
  1. Physical distancing
  2. Implementation of physical distancing measures throughout the hotel.
  3. Increase cleaning and disinfecting
  4. Increase cleaning and sanitizingregularity throughout the hotel, paying attention to high-touch articles. Double sanitization is followed after every use.
  5. Common area sanitization
  6. Installed alcohol-based hand sanitizing stations near the entrance and in public areas.
  7. In room Sanitization
  8. Double sanitization process is followed. Regular spray sanitization and fog sanitization to disinfect every single itemsof the room.
  9. Linens
  10. Wash all linens at a high temperature for optimal disinfection.
  11. Pool and other wellness areas
  12. Swimming pool operations are as per the state/ district norms for each resort.
  13. Contactless check-in and check-out process
  14. Filling of guest registrations before arrivals and sharing it on email for contactless check-ins and check-outs.
  15. Contactless methods of payment
  16. Offer cash-free methods of payment. Online transfers, Google Pay, card swipe is available to offer contact less payments.
  17. Bars and restaurants
  18. Space between tables in restaurants and bars to maintaining physical distancing protocols and for an individual’s safety.
  19. Team training
  20. Team members are trained with comprehensive hygiene and prevention training program. Team is always with a mask and gloves to maintain the safety of guests.
  21. Temperature check of the team
  22. Monitor team member’s temperature twice on daily basis.
  23. Guest temperature check
  24. The temperature of all the guests are checked before offering the check-in.
“We as a team ensure the hygienic, safe and secure stay to our guest with a memories made to treasure forever”.