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Places to explore near Bandhavgarh

Bandhavgarh Tigers

Places to explore near Bandhavgarh

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 Bandhavgarh National Park is known for Jungle safari and is one of the top national parks and most visited national park in India. Jungle safaris the main attraction in Bandhavgarh, Morning jungle safari, afternoon jungle safari and night safari in Bandhavgarh are conducted in the pristine forest of Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve. Apart from jungle safari in Bandhavgarh, there are many other places around Bandhavgarh to visit. List is shared below for reference. 

Bandhavgarh Tigers

Places to explore near Bandhavgarh
a) Khajuraho

Khajuraho is famous for its unique erotic sculptured temples. If you want to spice up your life you should visit here once. Western group of temples is the heart of Khajuraho, as the way the temples are constructed here are the main attractions of Khajuraho. Western group of temples consists of 22 historical amazing temples that will leave you wonderstruck. Amongst all there are two main temples that one should specially spent time in are Kandhariya Mahadev Temple and Lakshmana Temple. Basically one will find more of erotic designs in these two temples as compared to other temples. After exploring all this just visit Matangeshvar Temple that is located adjacent to Western group of temples which has a beautiful 12 feets long shivling that boosts positivity during the trip to Bandhavgarh and vanishes away the tiredness. You may also enjoy light and sound show that happens in Western group of temples at night which is in both the languages that is English and Hindi. 

b) Raneh Falls

Raneh falls is located at the distance of 20kms form Khajuraho that takes 20-30 minutes’ drive and will come in your way to Bandhavgarh. Raneh falls have a lot to offer you in your trip to Bandhvagarh as it has a most mesmerizing scenic view and is one of the mysterious spots in India, the key attraction of Raneh falls is that it feds directly by River Ken. The flabbergasting hidden fact of Raneh falls that most people are not aware of is that, you will find Grand Canyon here easily that is one of the most precious gems in India. Raneh falls presents a galvanizing that you might not get anywhere else to see. 

c) Panna Tiger Reserve

Panna tiger reserve is situated in 25kms from Khajuraho. If you are very much fond of safaris and want to do as many as you can in your trip to bandhvagarh then you can also visit Panna tiger safari for that you have to increase a day or so in your itinerary for Bandhavgarh. Panna tiger reserve is spread in the area of 550kms and is famous for its beautiful waterfalls inside the reserve. Birding in Panna near the river bank during the safari of panna is worth experiencing as more than 200 species of birds reside here, therefore you may spent hours whiles observing them with you inner peace. The parks welcomes from 15th October to 30th June for safari. The park attractions in the safari for panna are wild cats, deer and antelope. Jeep safari in panna crosses through dense teak forest providing a cinematic view. You may also do boating in Ken River which will add a cheery on the cake for your trip to Bandhvagarh.

d) Pandav Falls

On the way from Khajuraho to Bandhavgarh you will be coming across Pandav falls which is located at the distance of 7-8kms from panna tiger reserve. Amidst of Pandav caves you will reach Pandav falls surrounded with sedimentary rocks while providing a stunning historical view. It will be a jaw dropping experience to discover this place as the place is associated with a mythological story. So, this place has some limestone cave formation adjacent to the falls inside the rocks which are known to be Pandav caves. The fun fact is that the number of the caves is five that directly relates to the five Pandavas. This is a good place that you may add to your trip to Bandhavgarh specially if there are kids with you so that they will explore this breathing view plus which will be nothing but an interesting addition to their General knowledge. 

e) Maihar Mata Temple

Maihar Mata Temple is one of the most praised temples in India situated in Satna district of Madhya Pradesh. The word Maihar is a concoction of two words that is Mai means Mother and Har means Necklace. The logic behind naming this temple as Mihar is that Lord Shiva was carrying the body of Maa Sati and the her that is the necklace of Maa Sati was fallen in this place and that is the reason it is named to be Maihar temple. This place has its own unique positive vibes of goddess Parvati, to reveal the suspense of this temple one needs to reach the top hill where the temple is located that comes after climbing 1063 steps. Ropeway facility is also available for the people who are not able to climb and it hardly takes 15-20 minutes for same. Not only this but Maihar temple is also renowned for Indian classical Music so people who are really fond of Indian art and want to explore it a bit more then this can turn out to be a nice stop during your trip to Bandhavgarh.

f) Kanha National Park

Kanha National Park is one of the most prominent tiger reserve in India and this is the best wildlife sanctuaries in Madhya Pradesh. This park covers 940 sq km area. Apart from tigers it has rich flora and fauna. The best time to visit Kanha National Park is in October to June months. The park remains closed from July to Mid-October.  There are 4 safari zones in Kanha National Park which are Mukki Safari Zone, Kilsi Safari Zone, Sarhi Safari Zone and Kanha Safari Zone. Mukki safari zone is very popular and you have to book your safari in advance for mukki zone. All the luxurious kanha national park resorts are located near gates. You can enjoy Elephant ride and Kanha jungle safari to explore wildlife in Kanha. Apart from safari you can also enjoy very popular bird watching trails of forest. This is very good national park who love to see birds. More than 300 species of birds are seen in this park.

g) Pachmarhi

Pachmarhi is the home for many caves, numerous beautiful waterfall and lot of greenery. It is located at an attitude of 1100 m. Pachmarhi is a part of Satpura National Park, so this is one of the best wildlife destination. There are many beautiful places to visit in Pachmarhi like Bee fall, Satpura National Park, Pandava caves, rajatprapat waterfall, apsaravihar fall, dhoopgarh, Jatashankar caves, Guptmahadeo and chauragarh temple. The Pachmarhi climate is pleasent through the year. October is a good time to visit Pachmarhi hill station. This time weather remains pleasent and clear. November to february are colder and you need to carry winter clothes during this time.

h) Pench National Park

This is one of the best national parks in India and it is spread across 758 sq km of Madhya Pradesh. It’s amazing park to see wildlife and a thriving national park where one can see the Royal Bengal Tiger. This National park has a natural habitat of leopard, sloth bear, deer, porcupine, jungle cat, and striped hyena. This is also known as bird watcher’s paradise and it has over 285 bird species found in this park. The water tank area in the park is a very good location for bird watching. Many migratory birds like Brahmini duck, Pochard, Bar headed Geese, Common Coot are found in this park. In addition to these other migratory birds are Indian Pitta, Red Throated Fly Catcher, Orange Headed Ground Thrush, Jacobin Cuckoo, Grey Headed Canary Fly Catcher are also found in this park.  You can also enjoy Night jungle safari in Pench. The best time to visit Pench National Park is in the October to February month.

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