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Satpura Tiger Reserve is located in Hoshangabad district of Madhya Pradesh in India. It is sprawled across 2200 sq km of unique eco zone that is comprised of Satpura National Park, Bori,Panchmarhi Wildlife Sanctuaries and a peripheral buffer area. The story of its inception lies ages back in the year of 1862, when the area was first explored by Captain James Forsyth of Bengal province from British ruled India. The unique topography of this reserve consists of highland ecosystem.Denwa river is the main water source of the reserve and Tawa dam has been built on this river for proper distribution of water throughout the reserve. Theforest possesses rich flora and fauna resource that attracts tourists from different parts of the world. The terrain of this forest is rugged and consists of sandstone peaks, narrow valleys, ravines and dense woods.Jungle safari in Satpura Tiger Reserve is one of the alluring activities for the tourists because of the varied wild animals found in this region.

Flora of Satpura Tiger Reserve:

Satpura Tiger Reserve is reach in floral variety and houses trees, small trees, shrubs, climbers and grasslands. The area also harbours rich availability of medicinal herbs. Satpura Tiger Reserve consists of 1300 species of plants which comprises Teak, Saal, Tendu, Mahua (Indian butter-tree), Bel (stone-apple), Bamboos, Grasses etc. Saal is the key vegetation, which is mainly found in the Pachmarhi plateau area of Satpura Tiger Reserve. The grasslands in this area are Neemghan, Madai, Keria, Dhain, Geetkheda etc. The floral variety of Satpura Tiger Reserve attracts nature lovers.

Fauna in Satpura Tiger Reserve

The fauna of Satpura Tiger Reserve comprises Spotted Deer, Indian Bison (Gaur), Tigers, Leopards, Wild boar, Wild dog, Sloth bear, Porcupine, Sambhar, Chowsingha (Four Horned Antelopes), Pangolin, Marsh crocodile, Languars etc. There are about 14 species of endangered mammals and reptiles in this reserve. The Nilgai (Black Buck) and Indian Giant squirrel are the unique availabilities of Satpura Tiger Reserve as it is rare in India now. Along with animals, Satpura Tiger Reserve is bird watcher’s paradise, with numerous birds dwell in this area. Online jungle safari booking in Satpura is on high demand as the rich resource of fauna the forest are on much popular for wildlife lovers.

Entry Gates Satpura Tiger Reserve:

There are three prime entrances for Satpura Tiger reserve visit. The first one is close to Pachmarhi Hill station, the second is the well-known oneit is from the Madhai Entrance gate, which is about 100kms from Pachmarhi close to Sarangpur village. The third entrance is near Tawa Dam close to Hoshangabad town.

Best Time to Visit Satpura Tiger Reserve

Satpura Tiger Reserve lies in Central India, where temperature is extreme. From March to June, it is the summer season and during this time temperature varies between 30 °C to 40 °C. Monsoon arrives in the month of July and lasts till the month of September. The average rainfall in this area about 1300–1700 mm.It remains closed during monsoon season.From November to February, the reserve experiences winter season during which temperature varies between 4 °C to 15 °C in daytime. The best time to visit Satpura Tiger Reserve is from October to April. Jungle Safari booking Satpura is at peak during this time.

How to reach Satpura Tiger Reserve

  • By Air: There are two important airports for reaching Satpura Tiger Reserve. Nearest one is Bhopal airport(220km) and the other is Jabalpur airport that have direct Flight connectivity with Delhi and Mumbai.
  • By Rail: Nearest railway station for Satpura Tiger Reserve are Itarsi, Sohagpur, Pipariya and Hoshangabad.
  • By Road: Satpura Tiger Reserve can be reached by road from or through known cities such as Bhopal (170kms), Jabalpur (250kms) and Itarsi (70 Km).

Accommodation in Satpura Tiger Reserve:

Nature’s Sprouts presents best staying options near Satpura Tiger Reserve. Along with accommodation, we also help in jungle safari booking Satpura Tiger Reserve. With us you get the best wildlife expedition and a superb stay at premium wildlife resorts near Satpura Tiger Reserve. Resorts orhotel bookings near in Satpura Tiger Reserve is much easy and affordable. The resorts are equipped with all sorts of modern facilities. Along with jungle safari, we also arrange fun activities at the resort so that our guests can enjoy a memorable stay at the hotel. A combination of complete wildlife safari, food accommodation and exciting activities will make your vacation with us an extraordinary event. We are just a call away!


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