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Tadoba Jungle safari Regulations

Tadoba Jungle Safari

Dear guest,

Below are the regulations to be followed while booking Tadoba Jungle safari.

  • Get ready to be wild – TADOBA JUNGLE SAFARI
  • Binoculars – While on safari in Tadoba, there are always interesting things to see: both big and small. Make your safari trip a more immersed one with the best safari binoculars.
  • Camera– A camera plays a very vital role for someone who is interested in wildlife Safari in Tadoba National park to have a perfect experience and capture the memories. Mobile phones are not allowed inside the forest.
  • Travel documents – Government Identity proof of every tourist in the Jeep.
  • Head wear– As you move your way through the forest a variety of fauna and flora in Tadoba, often falls from the tress, so it is nice to have something covering your head. Caps are not always recommended however as the peak often hits low hanging branches while you are on open Jeeps, making for a bit of a rude awakening.
  • Cosmetics– Good Sunscreen & sun glasses.
  • Moisture Wicking Garments – Clothes color should be matching with surroundings like dark green, muddy-brown and rocky-grey are the ideal clothing color. Cotton or linen outfits are always considered good for wildlife safaris. A light moisture wicking shirt will reduce sweat levels and also be light enough that you can explore at ease. In case of winters, visitors are advised to carry sufficient woolen clothes and muffler as the forest is chilly during morning and evening hours.
  • Walking boots– You need something light weight and waterproof in order that you are still mobile and comfortable during your game drive in Tadoba Tiger Reserve. Ensure your boots are also worn in prior to travelling as otherwise they can be very uncomfortable.
  • The TATR management prohibits the use of mobile phones or similar electronic gadgets which may cause distraction, disturbance to tranquility by tourists, guides and drivers inside the Tiger Reserve
  • The pass, along with the ID proof, should be produced at the entry and/ or when demanded by any Forest official inside the Tiger Reserve. For foreigners, only passport is accepted as ID Proof.
  • Visitors are advised to acquaint themselves with gage timing and arrive well before the designated time to avoid any inconvenience. Timings are seasonable and change during different times of the year. Late entry will not be permitted.
  • The tourists are expected to adhere to the entry and exit timings of the park. No relaxation in the exit time will be allowed under any circumstances. In case of no show, no refund/ rescheduling will be made. Tourists showing after 2 hours from the said entry time will not be allowed to entry and ticket will be automatically forfeited without any refund.
  • Teasing or chasing animals or approaching them too closely and/ or feeding them or any attempts to do so are prohibited.
  • Carrying of fire arms of any kind is not permitted within the buffer zone of the Tiger Reserve.
  • Pets are not allowed inside the buffer zone of Tiger Reserve.
  • Visitors are not allowed to get down from the vehicle inside the buffer zone of the Tiger Reserve except at designated places.
  • Smoking or lighting of any kind of fire inside the TATR buffer zone is strictly prohibited.
  • Driving inside the TATR buffer zone beyond designated timings and on closed trails/ outside tourism area is prohibited.
  • Blowing of horns, shouting and playing of music on mobiles.
  • It is mandatory to maintain a distance of 20 m from any wild animal and not stay at a place for more than 15minutes.
  • The Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve is litter free zone. Visitors are requested to carry a garbage bag and carry all their litter outside the Tiger Reserve.
  • Visitors are permitted entry only in specially designated vehicles registered with the Tiger Reserve Authorities and entry of any other vehicle is banned.
  • Any attempt to enter on fake or modified passes or those on another person’s name or impersonate any person will invite strict legal action which may lead to imprisonment and/ or fine.
  • Buffer Bookings are non-transferable. No addition/ alteration is permissible after confirmed booking in buffer.
  • Term and Conditions are subject to change, without prior notice or information.
  • All the visitors to the buffer zone of TATR Tiger Reserve are governed by the provisions of the Wildlife Protection Act and rules made there under.

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