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Greet the green assets in Tadoba National Park

Tadoba Tigers

Greet the green assets in Tadoba National Park

How about enjoying the natural green space closely under the sun?

In the midst of your monotonous work life schedule, you must need wildlife break….

Nothing can give you joy when compared to this better place for your lifetime exploration in the Tadoba national park!

Highlight your happy moods with us here in Tadoba national park…

Who’s going to set your mood there?

The Royal Bengal Tigers!!!

Tigers? Yes, the royal and rich look of those Royal Bengal tigers in Tadoba will put your eyes in awe. You can get closer to the wild beasts there and enjoy the wildlife experience to the fullest.

Tadoba Tigers

Getting bored with your daily chores?

Make your life an existence more exciting by getting near to the wildlife and hold this adventurous holiday in your hands with your loved ones.

Yes! Hold tightly!!

Your holiday amidst these Tadoba forests will make you relaxing and at the same time you will be getting a PERFECT EXPLORATION of lifetime here. Check in to the most relaxing stay at the best resorts in Tadoba as the luxury resorts in Tadoba.

Champs!! Scroll down with us to read further about the Tadoba national park and how you can enter into this adventurous land!!

First, let’s talk about the exciting places around the Tadoba national park and then we will guide you with the location specific details.

Must see discoverable places in Tadoba:

Are you a person who loves to wander at night time!! But, yeah, SAFETY first!

If you are a night person – You can enjoy the Tadoba night safari and this will always be the first choice for most of the tourists. In the Moharli zone, tourists can go for the night safari and the beauty of nature around these places. The Moharli gate safari will take you to the pristine nature of beauty and wildlife. People! Start spotting everything…

A gateway is the best option to spot many exciting places and the village is only 6.5kms away from the Tadoba national park which is of close proximity, i.e., 180kms from Nagpur.

If you are not a night person – Even if you don’t like to wander or take Tadoba safari at night time, you can enjoy your stay in the Tadoba resorts and start sightseeing the places in the close proximity.

Adrenalized to go through the woods!!

No individual can say NO to a thrilling wildlife safari to the Tadoba national park. This is a chance where you can get into the deeper parts of forest in the Tadoba and Andheri. The tiger Tadoba safari will give you the chances to spot animals like the Royal Bengal tigers, leopards, sloth bears, wild dogs, panthers, barking deer, wolf, and many more… unexpected on your way!!

Most of the times these zones like the Moharli, Tadoba, and the Kolsa zones will get booked faster as people love to enjoy the Tadoba safari by staying in the Tadoba resorts nearer to the wildlife forest. Hurry up to book your zones with the Tadoba safari booking for the resorts in Tadoba

What’s your story?

Every individual who visits the Tadoba national park will have a right story in the right moment to enlighten their future days of life… The world is actually a better place to live and explore.

Are you from Pune Your Tadoba trip from Pune will be fascinating if you are planning a trip for at least 3 days and the average distance is just 785 kms by road. The suggested trip plan is – you can take a flight from Pune to Nagpur which will take 4 hours and then you can take a cab to reach Tadoba. You can make your trip by bus and train too.

Are you from Hyderabad If you are willing to reach the Moharli gate Tadoba which is the famous gate, the best route from Hyderabad will be through the Kamareddy -à Nirmal -à Adilabad à Pandharkawada à Karanji à Wani à Chandrapur à and then comes the Moharli gate.

Are you from Mumbai The aerial distance from Mumbai to Tadoba will be 688kms and even you can take a bus or flight to reach the destination. But if you take train it will take around 17 hours to reach the destination.

Are you from Bangalore From Bangalore to Tadoba national park, it is around 1081 kms and it will take around 21 hours to reach the destination. But, you can take a direct flight from Bangalore airport to Nagpur airport and it takes only 1 to 2 hours to reach the destination. After that, you can take a cab to reach the Tadoba national park.

Stop searching for happiness in your closed space and start looking for happiness in these places out of your box!!

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