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Thrilling Tadoba Jungle Safari: That You Should Not Miss

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Thrilling Tadoba Jungle Safari: That You Should Not Miss

Widely spread for around 6254, the Tadoba Andhari tiger reserve serves as the biggest reserved jungle areas in Maharashtra. This reserve also includes the Tadoba national park with the total land of 116.55

Now, when talking about the fact of thrilling experiences in Tadoba jungle safari, the wildlife lovers will surely come for a visit here. And to know about that in detail, you can walk through the passage further…

Actually, the beautiful Andhari River flows and roams through the widespread forest and hence it is popularly known as Tadoba Andhari national park. In addition to this, you can also explore the beauty of wetlands, large number of lakes, and the astonishing dam of the Andhari River.


But, how to enjoy all these visually appealing places? By walk?

Absolutely not! The Tadoba jeep safari vehicles are highly comfortable and Nature’s sprout will guide you through the entire process of Tadoba jungle safari booking. You can see countless species of plants, grasses, trees and wildlife.

Hey, stop, stop! We won’t disappoint you with these visual treats alone… This is the so called Tadoba Andhari tiger reserve and through the best Tadoba tour package you can enjoy witnessing the ‘Tiger’ specially the “Maya who is walking on the roads” – The enthralling tiger sightings.

This place is not suggested for visiting just one day and to make your vacation experience more worthwhile, you can go for the best Tadoba accommodations, here with Nature’s sprout. You can choose the Bodhivann resort, a luxury tent resort in Tadoba.  This is nearby to the navegaon gate and kolara gate. You can also book for the kolara gate safari bookings and enjoy your stay in this nearby resort at Tadoba. The Bodhivann jungle camp in this kolara gate has the best landscape when compared to the nearby locations and this would be the best choice for the people who choose wildlife experience for their vacation time.

Enjoy the visually appealing spots:

The major wildlife movement are found around the Moharli gate and you can also go for the Moharli gate safari booking and the best suitable stay near this gate will be Nature’s Sprout Tadoba safari stay with us. Enjoy your cozy mornings with the birds chirping sounds and your cozy evenings with the best spacious and elegant rooms available in that resort. Keeping the proximity in mind, Nature’s sprout aims to provide you the best experience for all the people who come for vacation and we suggest you to book best budget resorts Tadoba, and book best luxury resort in Tadoba nearby to the wildlife location – to enjoy to the fullest!

The REAL wildlife:

There is a village chief named “TARU” and he was killed in a mythological encounter with the tiger. Under the large tree on the banks of Tadoba Lake, there is a shrine dedicated to the deified Taru. This temple is said to frequently visit by the adhivasis and a fair is said to be help during the times of December and January (Pausha). The rulers – The Gond kings ruled these Tadoba forests in the vicinity of the hills of Chimur.

There are 5 villages and around the reserve there are 41,644 people living here. And in recent times, the navegaon village was rehabilitated, and the grasslands are expected to be in the place where the villagers already existed. The major threat that the reserve faces is the ‘FOREST FIRE’ and people needs to be cautious in killing the domestic livestock as tigers and leopards.

To make you enjoy the Tadoba jungle safari rides, the forest itself has split the reserve into two categories;

There are two main entry gates for the Tadoba tiger reserve and they are core area and the buffer zones. The core area seems to be the main forest area and here is the complete domination of wildlife creatures. You can look for the proximity factor and book your stay with the online Tadoba jungle safari booking as Bodhivann jungle stay or Tadoba jungle stay, which are the hotels and resorts in Tadoba. And here only one half of the area is given for tourism, whereas in the buffer zone, you can find some existence of small villages and the tiger sightings are wonderful in these areas.

Enjoy the Tadoba Bodhivann jungle camp, by going for the best resorts in Tadoba; also Nature’s sprout will assist you throughout your journey!

Grounded to its intelligent structure, the Tadoba Andhari tiger reserve, possess an intrinsic value. You can feel the closeness between the goodness and the beauty in nature!

Just book and find the objective basis for this kind of goodness which is alive, moving and reproductive by itself. You can sense that this is a complete contrary picture to the deteriorating state that is made up of man-kind!

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