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Visit the Karhandla Jungle Safari and wear your colour of happiness

Do you know the meaning of patience? Look at those trees; they define the patience within… Are you following persistence in life? Just look at the grass, you will appreciate the persistence.

One of the highly getting noticed wildlife sanctuaries of recent times is Umred Pauni Karhandla Safari.

Where one will find pure bliss!!

It is about 50 km from Nagpur and 60 km from Bhandara city and because of this proximity, tourists are increasing day by day. And the second reason for its increasing popularity is many reports suggesting tiger sightings by villagers around the sanctuary. If you want to visit those exemplary sightings, go for the Karhandla jungle safari booking and you can also take the Karhandla jungle safari packages that come with the resorts and hotels in Karhandla.

It is also connected to Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve, which is the largest national park in Maharashtra, through the forest along the Wainganga River.

The Wainganga River and Gose Khurd Dam on the northeast, State Highway 9 and Bhiwapur town on the south, Umred on the west, and by a 10 km long range of about 800 m hills in the northwest surround it.

You know what!! All the good things that happen are wild …

That kind of wilderness you can touch upon with the Karhandla jungle safari booking that comes with the jungle safari packages Karhandla. It comprises 11 tigers and 6 leopards, besides wild dogs, sloth bears, Bison, nilgais, deer, and sambhars, along with 90 other species of birds and 19 species of reptiles.

The forest department has trained about 20 villagers from surrounding areas to work as guides, thus providing them employment. Because of its connectivity between more eco-sensitive tiger reserves like Tadoba national park, Pench jungle safari, Bor jungle safari, and Nagzira, it helps to reduce the pressure of tourists and tourism-related activities from them.

There are 3 major entry gates-

  1. Karhandla gate, which is about 8 km from Umred town. This gate is closed on Monday.
  2. Gothangaon gate, which is about 33 km from Umred town. This gate is also closed on Monday.
  3. Pauni gate, which is about 35 km from Umred town. This gate is closed on Tuesday.

One can explore the wildlife of the forest via Gypsy and Jeep, which are always available in Umred. Tourists can also enter the sanctuary via his/her private vehicle. They can enjoy the Karhandla safari by staying in the budget resorts in Karhandla and the luxury resorts in Karhandla.

Morning time for Karhandla jungle safari is between 6 am to 11 am, where in the entry is allowed till 8 am. Whereas, usual timings for afternoon Karhandla safari are between 2 pm to 6 pm, wherein the entry is allowed till 4:30 pm only! The safari timings might change depending on sunrise and sunset. The Karhandla jungle safari permit is provided only for that area of the zone and vehicles may not interchange the zones.

Look again, always look again…

You will see some magic in it! Readers never mind to go deep into the wild, trust us that is an entirely different world. We are not born to enjoy only the world that we itself create around us. We also need to enjoy the natural beauty of the world that is always and already present!

Tourists have to pay gypsy or vehicle charges, which are exclusive from safari charges. The Karhandla safari bookings can be done online and offline as well. Spot booking charges are 100 rupees extra. There are also resort booking in Karhandla that drives you to the budget accommodation in Karhandla and also the luxury resort in Karhandla.

The best time to visit the Karhandla sanctuary is from March to June. The climate of Nagpur remains moderate throughout the year.There are several budget accommodations in Karhandla options present in Karhandla and Nagpur, which is the nearest city.

The Karhandla jungle safari packages can be taken with best resort booking option, and also with the luxury resort in Karhandla. There are solo traveler packages also present for Karhandla Wildlife sanctuary.

Hence, one can take full advantage of the pleasant environment provided by Karhandla Wildlife Sanctuary.

What are you going to do? Either going to daydream about it or just get out of your doors and make it happen for your lifetime!

Get up and dress up!!

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