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Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary


About Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary:

Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary is situated in the vicinity of Gondia and Bhandara districts in the states of Maharashtra, India. The forest offers the scenic panorama, flourishing flora and various species of fauna. Nagzira plays a vital role in maintaining the ecological balance in the Vidarbha region for the population around the reserve. Nagzira performs as the green lung for this part of the state and the forest is conserved as “Green oasis”.

History of Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary:

The history of Nagzira is recognizes that this area was once reigned by Gond kingdom. The name of Nagzira has been derived from the temple of “Naag and Mahadev” in the vicinity of the forest and a “zira” natural stream which comes from the hills of the reserve. In the year 1970, forest was declared as Wildlife sanctuary under the project “Save Tiger”.

Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary

Why to Visit Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary:

Nagzira is known for the exotic flora and fauna, the presence of wildlife and an open jeep safari trip. Travelers visit Nagzira for the wild sightings of the Leopard, as that is sighted more often. This is one of the famous reserves for the regular visitors and wildlife enthusiasts, to witness the reptiles, mammals, butterflies and birds in the wild during jungle safari tours to Nagzira.

What are the attractions in Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary:

Reserve is visited by travelers and known for open jeep Jungle Safari trips in Nagzira and Bird watching in Nagzira Wildlife sanctuary. The Nagzira lake and the other water-bodies in and around the sanctuary makes the reserve more stunning and maintains the water level of the forest. Museum and interpretation center can be seen while of Nagzira safari tour.

Flora in Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary:

Nagzira is panoramic forest and is rich in flora. This is a mixed forest and the most common trees are teak, bamboo, thorny plants, Grasslands in various parts of reserve and almost 150 species of medicinal plants are present in the vicinity of Nagzira Sanctuary.

Fauna in Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary:

The inhabitants present in the woodland of Nagzira are 34 species of mammals, home to around 170 species of Birds, 35 species of reptiles, and 4 species of amphibia are seen while on Nagzira jungle safari tour. The migratory and resident colorful species of birds make this place a haven for bird watchers and pulls the attraction of the travelers to visit the place and book Nagzira safaris. The most sighted mammals during Nagzira jungle safari are Tiger, Panther, Jungle Cat, Small Indian Civet, Palm Civet, wolf, Jackal, Sloth Bear, Ratel, Common Giant Flying Squirrel, Gaur, Four Horned Antelope, Mouse Deer, Pangolin.

When to visit Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary:

Nagzira is open from 1st Oct till 30th June. It is closed during monsoons. Winter season is recommended for Birdwatchers as lot of migratory birds can be seen along with residential birds. High flow of tourists are recorded during summer season as the sightings are very high during summer. February to June are highly visited season for Nagzira safari tour packages.

How to reach Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary:

How to reach Nagzira by Air: Nagpur is the nearest airport from Nagzira at a distance of 125 kms. Taxi services are available from Nagpur to reach Nagzira.

How to reach Nagzira by Train: Tirora is the nearest railway station from Nagzira at a distance of 15kms. 65kms is Gondia railway station and is accessible to many major cities.

How to reach Nagzira by Road:  Nagzira wildlife Sanctuary is located 22 km away from a nearby town Sakoli on the National Highway No. 6. The sanctuary is situated at the distance of about 65 km from Gondia city and 60 km. away from Bhandara.

How to book safari in Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary:

Online jungle safaris booking in Nagzira is the only option to book Nagzira safari. One can plan the trip in advance and online Nagzira safari booking can be initiated. It has three zones A, B and D zones and three main entry Gates namely Chorkhamara 1, Chorkhamara 2 and Pitezari. Identity proof is mandatory to book online Nagzira safari.

Where to stay in Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary: There are limited options for accommodation in Nagzira, few of the resorts and hotels in Nagzira are recommended to book the stay. Nature’s Sprout can assist in booking your stay in the best resorts in Nagzira as per your requirements.

Why Choose Nature’s Sprout:

Nature’s sprout has its own hotels and resorts in various wildlife locations and are pioneer in hospitality, ensures to provides the best of accommodation and jungle safari arrangements in 20 jungles and make your trip a memorable one.

“If there were one more thing I could do, it would be to go on safari once again” is a feel after Nagzira safari.

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