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Exclusive Boat safari in Sundarban National Park

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Sundarban National park the “mysterious Mangrove forests” of India. Sundarban National Park is situated in the states of West Bengal, India. Sundarbans is known for the majestic “Royal Bengal Tigers”, its pristine beauty and the unique Mangrove forest. Sundarbans is the only place in India which has the exclusive Sundarban boat safari as an option to explore the exquisiteness of the reserve.

We were just two of us me and Anirban and decided to opt for Sundarbans to explore business opportunity in the Indian Delta.

Day1: Started from Kolkata at 7:00 am, reached Jhorkhali and started pre-booked boat safari in Sundarban at 10:30 am. There were only 6 people on the boat two of us, the driver Raghunath biswas, helper, cook Nelima Baidya and our guide Ramchandra Biswas, a very well knowledgeable person. We went to the known places Dobanki, Nobanki and Pirkhali 4 & 5 Islands. We were given a detailed description about Sundarbans by our guide. During the Sundarban Package tour we were delighted to see Gigantic Dolphin, swimming deep in the water. It was pleasing to the soul to see the water everywhere and just the islands and the various species of trees and plants. We did see many birds like 5 types of Kingfisher – black cap kingfisher, Collared kingfisher, Blue ear Kingfisher, Common Kingfisher and Pied kingfisher. We were lucky to capture few good shots  of the same. Rare Black egret was posing for us. Euracean Ksdlu, Whimbell osprey, black headed Ibis were also seen during the Sundarban trip.  We kept searching for the Royal majestic King, but had no luck on day one. but believe me it’s a must visit place once in lifetime. Day got over and we had to leave the boat at 6:15pm. Checked in at hotel and relaxed.

Day 2: We again started our day at 5:15 from hotel and pushed to Jhorkhuli entry point where our boat was parked. Boat started at 5:30 am and we could witness the sunrise, which was never seen before. The bright orange sunrays on the water was shining and we could do just nothing but capturing this pristine beauty in the eyes as well as in the camera. We reached Nobanki river at 7:00 am and headed towards Deul Bharani creek, could see Ghariyal taking sun bath on the island. We witnessed the confluence of 5 rivers at a place called Panchmukhani. Hedubhanga,  Vidya dhuri, Dobanki, Mithe, and Gosaba and these 5 rivers flow towards Bey of Bengal. From there we headed towards the most beautiful part of Sundarbans, where there was core and buffer at the opposite sides. Seeing 5 Islands together at one site is treat to eyes, Peerkhali seven, island, Neeti Dopani, Chimari, Chamta and haldibari islands are the part of Tiger reserve considered as the core area and makes the place more beautiful. Authentic Bengali food was a treat in itself. Later during the day we could see the deer and wild boar swimming. The day ended with amazing memories and we left the boat at 6:15pm.

Day3: We started our day at 4:30, left hotel at round 5:15 am and were on the boat by around 5:30. Boat started at 5:40 am from Jhorkhali. We straight away targeted the Pirkhali zone and reached there. That has been quiet known for the presence of Tiger and to be precise is a Male Tiger Territory.  While driving we suddenly saw a vibrant colour and it was unbelievable , it wasn’t any other than a King. Wow what an experience the  delight to the soul. We could see him for hardly 15 seconds but the encounter is so memorable, still fresh in the eyes and mind.

Whole day we were just around the place, kept trying our luck and waited for him to cross the river.

Recommended places to visit in and around Sundarbans National Park:

The Sundarbans National Park, an unbeatable kingdom of “The Royal Bengal Tigers”, is one of the fascinated travel destinations in the eastern region of India, especially for the wildlife and nature lovers. Above are the places highlighted to be visited in Sundarban National park during you are on a boat safari in Sundarban National Park.

In nutshell, Visit to Sundarban and exploring the picturesque mangrove forest by Sundarban safari is a extraordinary lifetime experience.

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