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Get Best Deals & Special Packages with the Best Resort in Pench


Get Best Deals & Special Packages with the Best Resort in Pench

Almost all of us have read and watched Rudyard Kipling’s “The Jungle Book” in our childhood days and even in our adulthood as well!

The environment and the setting presented in “The Jungle Book” amuse and intrigue us and make us wonder how the writer had created such beautiful scenes?

To make us stop wondering and answer the same, we have to look beyond Pench National Park, which is the setting of The Jungle Book!

Pench National Park is in Madhya Pradesh state and covers an area of 257.26 sq. Km. It includes Pench Tiger Reserve and derives its name from the Pench River that flows through the park and divides the park into two almost equal halves. The wildlife of the park includes around 40 Bengal Tigers, 39 species of mammals, 13 species of reptiles, and 3 species of amphibians. The park is rich in birdlife, too.

Pench Vineet (25)

How to reach the Pench National Park?

What is life, but one GRAND adventure! Can’t wait to experience?

The park is accessible by road and railways. The nearest airport is Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar International Airport of Nagpur and the closest city is Seoni, from which we can take a bus to the park.

Best time to visit Pench National Park

The park is usually open for visitors from 6 am to 10:30 am and between 3 pm to 6 pm.

The best time to visit the Pench is between November and May. The park remains closed during July, August, and September. Elephant Safaris used to be conducted in the park once upon a time, but because of certain reasons, these are discontinued. Spending time in nature is   a kind of healing energy! Instead, the park provides open jeep safaris, which can be booked online via Pench jungle safari booking and offline as well. If you are looking for any help or assistance in booking the safari, then you don’t have to look beyond Nature’s Sprout, one of the best service providers to the tourist for Pench National Park!

Entry Gates for Pench National Park

The park provides below entry gates, of which five are in Madhya Pradesh –

  1. Touria Zone:
    This is considered to be the premium zone, and hence entry to this gate is restricted, so advance booking is highly recommended. You can use the Pench Touria safari booking for Touria gate safari.
    The famous tigress queen of Pench lives here.
    Along with that, this gate is close to many hotels and resorts in Pench and many water bodies flow through this part.
  2. Karmazhiri gate in Pench:
    This is another premium core entry gate as it shares some part of the Touria gate and Waterbodies. Touria, Karmajhiri and Jamtara are the zones which shares the same part of the reserve from inside.
  3. Wolf Sanctuary gate in Pench:
    This zone is open throughout the year and is famous for Wolves, Blue bulls, and Leopards. This is the only zone where night safari is allowed.
  4. Khursapar gate in Pench:
    This zone comes under the Maharashtra side of the Pench forest and comprises three beautiful Waterbodies which attract many birds and wildlife. The Kurasapar gate safari helps you to experience all the wonderful natural scenarios using the Kurasapar gate booking.
  5. Sillari gate in Pench:
    Enjoy your vacation in this monsoon season by the Sillari Gate safari and book via Sillari gate booking online. It is also part of Maharashtra Pench reserve and is open throughout the year, except Wednesdays.
  6. Rukhad gate in Pench:
    This part comprises very dense forests and is recommended for forest lovers.
    This part is open from October till June. The sightings at Rukhad safari gate has increased and is delighting the travellers.
  7. Jamtara gate in Pench:
    Sighting of Sloth bears is common in this area and is open from October till June. Jamtara is 70kms from Touria safari entry gate
  8. Teliya gate in Pench:
    This is a new zone and the Wolves’ movement is very common in this area.
Accommodation in Pench & Best resort in Pench!!!

Are you worried about accommodation when you are visiting the Pench National Park?

Why Nature’s Sprout?

Then there’s no need to worry, as Nature’s Sprout is at your service!

Nature’s Sprout offers a luxurious stay at the best hotels in Pench, with ample amenities. One of which is the Village Machaan, a lavish jungle resort near Touria core zone in Pench, which offers a great range of elegant and best accommodation Pench.

Watch the things which are the earth’s endless effort to speak to the listening HEAVEN! The loveliness arises when you see the prime colour of the world – GREEN, and this gives you a glorious experience by discovering endless wonders. Pench jungle safari booking and Pench full day safari booking will bring you the pieces of heaven on your way and you can avail this using Pench tour package booking. Without a hurry your complete Pench tour package will be taken care by Nature’s sprout and we will assist you with the luxury resorts in Pench like Village machaan.

Have some sunshine, freedom and some little flowers in Pench!!!

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