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Winters in Pench : The Best Season for Sighting Wildlife around Resort in Pench National Park


Winters in Pench : The Best Season for Sighting Wildlife around Resort in Pench National Park

This winter season always has a special magic!

What is the name ‘Pench’? It is actually named after a river Pench that flows through southern Madhya Pradesh in central India.

Why to visit, fact 1: The Pench tiger reserve is also popularly known to be the ‘The land of jungle book’, as the places described in ‘The Jungle Book’ are the locations marked at Alikatta village and Seeonee hills. The complete area of the reserve covers 757.89 km² and out of which the core zone covers 292.85 km². Nature sprouts

Why to visit, fact 2: One of the best wildlife series on tigers so far is ‘Tiger: Spy in the Jungle’ which is also filmed in the Pench National Park. Throughout the series, trunk cams (cameras attached to the elephant trunks) are attached to film the new-born tiger cubs upto their way to adulthood.


What are the attractions in Pench tiger reserve:

The attractions that you need to visit in the Pench tiger reserve are jungle walk, jungle safari, night safari, trekking, and wildlife sightings from village machaan and village tour. Want to enjoy all these things?

You can book your stay at the village machaan resort through the Pench accommodation and you can make use of the best resorts in Pench for your stay. You can visit all the places that are nearby and enjoy your Pench jungle safari by punching to the Pench jungle safari booking online.

When to visit Pench tiger reserve?

You can visit Pench tiger reserve during the months of October and February and from February to June you can enjoy the location by getting more sightseeing features. Go for the jungle safari packages Pench and solo packages Pench as well to get a unique experience.

Need a good idea? The Pench national park will give you the best wilderness experience and this is the place where you can walk down the lanes with your loved ones.

Go for the night safari in Pench national park! In this particular division, the government has approved night safari and you will become entitled to the amazing stay in the resorts near this place. One of the best resorts in Pench is the Village machaan and this area is surrounded by various species of exotic flora and fauna. You can experience variety of rooms like luxury kingfisher villa, individual glass cottages, and honey moon cottages with your loved ones, specially abled cottages, and there are around 14 individual glass cottages with roof top sit outs. You can avail the package tour in Pench to seize these and make them great for your lifetime.

Safari timings in Pench:

The safari timings in Pench will change according to the seasons. And it is important to know the fact that during monsoon season, the park will be closed as this is the breeding season for wild animals. You can go with the option of Pench online safari booking and make your bookings for your vacation. The park will remain open from October to the month of June and in the winter season you can go with the morning jeep safari options in the Pench national park via Pench jungle safari booking.

The right safari gate in Pench national park:

Approximately, the minimum distance between any two safari gates will be 10 kms and it may increase upto 70 kms. An important thing to plan before going for a trip will be choosing the best gates in Pench for safari. You need to book the permits well in advance and book for the right entry gates through Pench gate safari booking and via online safari booking Pench. There are 6 entry gates and out of which 3 gates are in the core region and 3 gates are in the buffer zone. The gates in the core zones include Turia gate, Karmajhari gate, and Jamtara gate. And the other 3 gates in the buffer zones are Rukhhad, Khawasa and Teliya.

Sightings in Maharashtra Pench are delighting the tourists. Khursapar zone which is around 9kms from Village Machaan and Sillari zone approximately 25 kms from Village Machaan, and are part of Maharashtra Pench and is offering wonderful sightings of the wild.

Through the forest portal you need to book your safari permits and it is always mandatory to do your bookings through online Pench safari booking before 2 months.

Places to see around Pench National Park : There are some nearby destinations which include Pristine Tamia, and this is about 131 kms away from the location. This is considered to be the picturesque forest destination and you can enjoy the untouched and unexplored scenarios in that area of Madhya Pradesh. Approximately, about 207 kms away you can reach the Delightful Kanha region which is spread across 940 and this is one of the largest parks in Madhya Pradesh. Those places include Bandhavgarh national park, Kanha national park, Nagzira national park, and Tadoba national park.

You will understand everything better; when you look deep into nature! These are the moments where you will feel the most alive!

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