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How Panna Got the Tiger’s Back? Successful Reintroduction Program of Tigers in Panna National park

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How Panna Got the Tiger’s Back? Successful reintroduction program of Tigers in Panna National park

About Panna National Park:

Panna National Park, is known and is becoming one of the major attractions for wildlife enthusiasts and adventure seekers. The spread of 543 square kilometers, Panna National park is nestled in the Vindhya hills situated on the plateau above Ken river in Panna and Chhatarpur district in the states of Madhya Pradesh. Panna was declared as Tiger reserve in the year 1994. Explore Panna, the flora and Fauna while on Panna Jungle safari trip.

Panna Tiger Reserve

Successful Reintroduction Program of Tigers in Panna National park
Why Visit Panna National Park:

Panna National park is not only visited for the sightings of the Majestic Royal Bengal Tiger, but is also home to various birds especially Vultures. 7 species of vultures have been recorded in the woodlands of Panna along with many other mammals and birds.

What happened between the year 1994 to 2007

Panna was abode to many Tigers till the year 1994, with the results of Tiger count in Panna in the year 2008, the officials were shaken to see there was no Tiger present in the in the entire Panna range barring one.

Why and How did Tigers disappear in Panna National Park?

The major reason identified behind the extinction of tigers in Panna was the poaching by strangers. These poachers were educated to chase tactfully in the night, dodging the forest guards. Every single Tiger was cruelly hunted down in Panna, until the extinction of Tigers in Panna National Park.

Another reason was the Pardhi tribes, who use to lay the traps, electrocution or poisoning the big cats to protect their domestic animals.

Who is the man behind the success of Tiger’s reintroduction program in Panna?

IFS officer R Sreenivasa Murthy, the newly instated Director of Panna Tiger Reserve is the man to get the Tiger’s back in Panna National park. The entire Tiger reintroduction program was conducted under his supervision.

What is the success story behind to get the Tigers back to Panna National Park?

There were 2 main aspects to get the Tigers back in the wild and the constant increase in their population. Tiger reintroduction programme was launched in the year 2009, under the direction of officer R Sreenivasa Murthy. Two adult female tigers (T1 & T2) from Bandhavgarh and Kanha respectively were translocated with another Male Tiger T3 from Pench National Park.

Challenge was not only to increase population but also to make local tribes understand the importance of national animal and convincing to support on the program of “Save The Tiger” in Panna National Park.

Last Wilderness Foundation (LWF), got involved and supported the team of Murthy and was assigned the task to relocate the Pardhi tribes and to make them understand to surrender hunting. Multiple trainings, employment opportunities and many more efforts were taken to get this right and convince the tribes and resolve man animal conflicts. It must be very tough to make the villagers understand, motivate them for the coexistence of human and wildlife around the reserve.

Murthy and his dedicated team’s sincere efforts in the Panna Tiger Reintroduction programme, amid the sequence of disappointments and hurdles, are appreciated worldwide.

April 2010, the remarkable day for Panna National park is now celebrated as birth of Panna national park every year by local authorities. This was the first result of the struggles of Murthy’s team, and the happiness spreaded all over when T1 delivered the first litter of cubs, followed by T2 in October of 2010. By the end of 2010, there were eight new tiger cubs in Panna Tiger reserve along with T1, T2 and T3.

Now Panna National park is home to more than 70 Tigers including adult males, females and cubs and are flourishing. 

There were many techniques used to conserve the Tiger and are now followed all over the nation to increase the Tiger Population. Panna Tiger reserve has set an example for the conservation and for Tiger reintroduction program, the case studies are followed worldwide to increase the Tiger population in the various national parks.

Jungle Safari in panna National Park:

After all the above, what is exciting. It seems it is must to experience the jungle safari trip to Panna. How to plan Panna Jungle safari? Here we are to plan your Panna safari trip. Nature’s Sprout assists in online Panna safari bookings and Planning your Panna Safari package.

How are jungle safaris conducted?

Open jeep safaris, Morning and evening safari and full day safaris are conducted in Panna National Park.

What is the best time to visit Panna National Park?

Reserve is open throughout the year for Panna Jungle safari bookings. Core zone is open from 1st Oct to 30th June and buffer gates are operational year-round for Panna safari bookings.

How to plan Panna safari trip?

It is recommended to plan your safari trip in advance, as the online panna safari bookings are to be done well in advance to get the best safari entry gate in Panna. At least 15 to 30 days in advance the Panna safari booking shall be organized.

Where to stay in Panna?

The reserve has many options of hotels and resorts in Panna. Nature’s Sprout offers the stay amidst nature, and on the bank of Ken river. Cottages and tents have the river facing windows, equipped with all the modern amenities. Resort in Panna is combination of tents, swiss cottages and suit rooms and offers a comfortable stay to our guests.

Why Nature’s Sprout?

Nature’s Sprout, pioneers in the world of hospitality and wildlife works with a motto of “service with a smile” and ensures the comfortable and experiential stay at Panna National Park.  With our recommended resorts in panna National park. Nature’s Sprout assists in planning the entire Panna safari tour package as per the individual’s requirements.


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