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Kanha Jungle Safari: The Incredible things you must know


Kanha Jungle Safari: The Incredible things you must know

Kanha National Park is situated in Madhya Pradesh, India. The recreation area reaches out more than 122 square miles (316 square km) of the focal good countries at a rise of around 2,000 to 3,000 feet. Initially settled as the Banjar Valley Sanctuary in 1935, it turned into a public park in 1955 and was broadened in 1964. In spite of the fact that there are infrequent patches of bamboo, thick shrub, or tall grass high on the inclines and on the peaks, a significant part of the recreation area comprises dry deciduous forests. Fauna incorporates langurs, wild canines, tigers, panthers, wild pigs, yelping deer, chitals, sambars, swamp deer, gaur, quail, red and dark wilderness fowl, and peafowl.


Kanha National Park Safari:
  • Jeep Safari – Jeep safaris will keep you energized for the experience and gives the flexibility to discover all spots using the Kanha jungle safari online booking. Jeep safaris are the best choice for seeing regular life at the thick and extravagant green woods of Kanha National Park Madhya Pradesh. You can do the budget resorts booking Kanha, Luxury Kanha resort booking and make your stay comfortable at the Resort in Kanha.
  • Full day Jeep Safari – The full day jeep safari starts 15 minutes earlier and ends after 15 minutes to other safari timings, wherein you can experience the winding roads, stony trails and thick forestland hours. You can get access to most of the tourism part of the forest for the whole day in an open jeep until you enjoy your Kanha jungle safari
Entry Gates of Kanha National Park:

Most travellers who are visiting Kanha national park tourism will go for wilderness safaris in Kanha. The woodlands are partitioned into two significant zones: 1. The core zone 2. The buffer zone.

The Core zone:

Core zone is the focal piece of the tiger hold and it imparts its limit to the cradle zone. Core zone is essentially a significant region where the preservation of untamed life and normal assets are totally secured by the timberland office.

Kanha Zone – Kanha zone has open glades with meadows and bamboo vegetation that offers one- of-a-kind sightings. The Schaller Street, in the Kanha zone is a street dedicated to George Schaller, an analyst and progressive. He composed a book, “The Tiger and the Deer” in view of Kanha. Watch these beautiful views through the Kanha online safari booking.

Sarahi Zone – Sarahi zone has dry deciduous backwoods and with bigger knolls. One of them is the Saunf knoll where the Barasingha was first seen in 1966. Sarahi is conveyed through a typical street by means of Kisli zone and one experiences the transcending Saal woods on the way.

Mukki Zone – Mukki zone reports great sightings. The scene incorporates saal, bamboo and grasslands.

Kisli Zone – Kisli zone likewise has exquisite saal woods and beautiful prairies with bamboo vegetation. The luxury resort in Kanha is situated near this gate and this can be your best luxury for Kanha jungle safari trip.

The Core zone spots and its entry gate details are made in the classification underneath:

Core ZoneEntrance Gate
Kanha ZoneKhatia / Mukki / Sarhi Gate
Kisli ZoneKhatia / Mukki / Sarhi Gate
Sarhi ZoneKhatia / Sarhi Gate
Mukki ZoneKhatia      / Mukki Gate

The Buffer Zone

Buffer Zone is the region that encompasses or appends the center regions where nature is rationed close by viable human employment of the land or water.

Kanha Buffer ZoneGate
Safari ZoneEntrance Gate for Safari Zone
Khatia ZoneFrom Khatia Entrance Gate
Khapa ZoneFrom Mukki Entrance Gate
Phen ZoneSeparate gate, ideal for Mukki gate resorts
Sijora ZoneFrom Sarhi Entrance Gate


Kanha National Park safari timings:

Kanha National Park core zone stays open for the guests from 1st October to 30th June,, whereas the buffer zones are open through-out the year. Taking into account the safari timings are,

TimingsMorning SafariAfternoon Safari
16th October to 15th FebruarySunrise to 11:00 AM02:00 PM to Sunset
16th February to 15th AprilSunrise to 11:00 AM03 PM to Sunset
16th April to 30th JuneSunrise to 10:00 AM03:30 PM to Sunset

Vehicles Permitted to enter inside the Kanha National Park in each shift,

Safari ZonesKisli ZoneKanha ZoneMukki ZoneSarhi Zone
Morning Shift18404027
Afternoon Shift18404027

Nature’s Sprout is occupied with Managing and Marketing of resorts at all great traveler objections of India. You can choose the best accommodation for Kanha safari through Kanha resort booking. Aside from being resort owners, we are a group of energetic ‘wild lifers’ and love to catch the steadily changing normal magnificence and outrageous articulations of biodiversity of the thick forestland.

This is the best time to enjoy your vacation; when the weather is conducive for wonderful outdoor events. Get into the wilderness to see wildlife, by widening your circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty!

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