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Jungle Safari Booking at Bandhavgarh – Things to Remember

Jungle Safari Booking at Bandhavgarh - Things to Remember

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If you are planning for your upcoming wildlife trip at Bandhavgarh National Park? The national park offers exciting safari rides and wide range of accommodation in Bandhavgarh around the National Park. . While searching for a online jungle safari booking availability at Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve it is equally important is to check the hotels and resorts availability in Bandhavgarh. Both the bookings can be done online either separately or as a package.


Here are few points that you should know for Bandhavgarh Safari booking:

• Bandhavgarh offers two types of safaris. One is open jeep safari and the other one is canter safari. Canter safari can accommodate 24 adults in one big open jeep known as canter. Jeep can accommodate 6 adults.

• The general safari timings are distributed twice a day. The safari timings keep on changing a according to the season. During summers the early morning safari timings are 5:30 am till 9:30 am and in the evening 3: 30 pm till 6:30 pm. During winters the early morning safari timings are 6:30 am till 10:30 am and in the evening 2: 30 pm till 5:30 pm.

• Kindly note that morning safari duration in 4 hours and evening safari duration is 3 hours with no difference in the cost.

• It is advisable to make jungle safari booking in Bandhavgarh in advance to avoid last moment hassles.

• Full day safaris are available at Bandhavgarh National Park, which has a different experience altogether. Breakfast, lunch and evening snacks are packed in the morning and given for full day safari to the tourists or wildlifers.

• Make sure that your vehicle is accompanied by a guide from the forest department. It is mandatory to take the guide from the park entry gate. before you enter in to the National park.

• Another thrill at Bandhavgarh national Park is Elephant joy ride, which is available at an extra cost. However, the availability of elephant ride depends on the sole discretion of the forest department. If elephant ride is available, it is worth a spent as the giant species can easily sense the presence of tiger and other animals close by and take you to the spot directly. This increases the chances of Tiger sightings and allows you to witness very closely.

• Bandhavgarh National Park is highly populated with Royal Bengal Tigers. It’s a responsibility of every tourist to Make sure that your movements and activities don’t disturb the wildlife from their natural habitat.

• Be patient once you sight any wildlife in Bandhavgarh National park. Its natural to get excited, but don’t forget that you are an outsider and it is their home.

• Don’t scream, talk loudly or play music as these may disturb the quaint ambience of the jungle and infuriate the inmates.

• Be alert you may also get a glimpse of Bandhavgarh Fort, ancient structures, man-made caves etc.

• Pick a comfortable attire as per the season. If you are travelling in summers from April to June, go for light coloured cotton clothing paired with a sunglass. Don’t forget your sunscreen lotion. Avoid wearing jazzy colours in summer because along with your own discomfort, it may also disturb the jungle inmates.

• If you are travelling in Winters from November to February carry warm clothing such as jackets, woollen caps, gloves, mufflers etc. Clothes shall be lighter in shades.

• Stay light and carry minimum luggage. Don’t forget to carry water bottles.

• The entire fun of jungle safari booking in Bandhavgarh will be lost if you forget your camera or DSLR.

• Last but not the least, avoid carrying plastic and refrain from littering.

There are several resorts in Bandhavgarh. However, the luxurious accommodation located near core Tala zone will be recommended.  The resort offers lavish villas, elegant cottages and luxurious tents as staying options. It also has an in-house restaurant that takes care of the taste-buds of their guests. Powered by Nature’s Sprout- the marketing and management partners and owners of other resorts, we  offers the best amongst other Bandhavgarh resorts tariff.

The resort can also offer a package for your stay in Bandhavgarh and the Bandhavgarh jungle safari to make your trip hassle-free. Get an ideal combination of lavish stay and exhilarating wildlife safari!

But do not forget the above important things for your safari at Bandhavgarh and make it a lifetime memory to cherish!


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