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Satpura Jungle Safari

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Are you tired of swarmed wildlife safe-havens, battle for getting safari tickets, remaining in a line of safari jeeps, congestion of safari jeeps during wildlife locating, then Satpura National Park is the right answer for genuine wildlife enthusiasts.

Nature Sprouts has tracked down quiet wilderness, away from hustle and clamours of safari jeeps for the Satpura jungle safari, delightful bumpy landscapes, profound canyons, creeks, huge groups of vertebrates, great birding just for your great convenience.

Untouched backwoods areas from the Satpura National Park, is supported by the Satpura Ranges of Hoshangabad region in Madhya Pradesh.

Satpura Jungle Safari


Satpura is a popular scope of slopes in Central India. The name Satpura is beginning from a Sanskrit Word Satpura signifies “Hundred Mountains”. The reach, the name of which signifies “Seven Folds” frames a watershed among Narmada and Tapti River. Portions of the Satpura have been collapsed and up hurled.

Following is a rundown of top three encounters by Nature Sprouts in the beguiling districts of Satpura:

  1. Day Visit to Pachmari

Pachmarhi level is a sentinel of times, where a long period of time of disintegration have shaped a rough, sloping scene that is home to a verdant woods cover, overflowing with heap greenery.

A land that has seen legends of folklore, Pachmarhi is accepted to be the main Indian slope station that keeps on holding its curious, virgin appeal.Pachmarhi means “five caverns” (panch-five, marhi-caves), and assuming that the legend is to be accepted, they were once home to the five Pandava siblings and their significant other Draupadi. However as per archaeological discoveries these caverns have a place with the Gupta time (fourth seventh century AD) with an old block constructed stupa on top of the caverns. This stupa traces all the way back to Emperor Ahsoka’s time from the third century BC. Visit the Satpura national park Madhya Pradesh and the safari booking online to encounter the wonders in Satpura tiger reserve.

  1. Camping Around Forsyth Trail

The unblemished fortunes of the dazzling Pachmarhi slopes enthralled Captain James Forsyth of Bengal Lancer who strolled this trail a long time back, crossing the limitless woodland treasures, prior to risking upon Pachmarhi, the flawless slope station of India.

Off-beat, adventure, and tourism! Where are the camps then?

Satpura national park has its utmost places to visit and enjoy them using the Satpura safari booking online for the Satpura national park safari.

Never worry about the stay! You can make your Satpura accommodations with the Satpura luxury resort booking online.

This captivating journey, customized particularly for its visitors, unfurls a totally different backwoods experience through the shifting heights that is supplied with Pachmari’s novel vegetation.

‘Crossing creeks that open out to beguiling vistas and flawless trails, this unmistakable trip has each nature sweetheart celebrate in wonder’

Satpura Safaris stokes your streak for experience, through its interesting contributions, which incorporate tailor-made strolling safari trails with selective short-term camping offices.

  1. Churna Full Day Safari

Churna lies in the rambling profundities of Satpura National Park, spread over an area of 30 km. This mysterious backwoods is not so much undulating but rather more of level territory, homing fields, and expansive leaved woods cover, with a wide exhibit of herbivores and an overflowing populace of winged ponder. The Satpura accommodations bring a moderate setting where one stops for lunch between Satpura jungle safari (morning and evening) or picks to remain the evening. There is likewise the choice of a full-day Satpura safari to Churna.

Visit Nature Sprouts for more valuable information on wildlife sanctuaries & national park.

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