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Tadoba Jungle Safari
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Chandrapur district of Maharashtra is known for having the largest national park in Maharashtra, known as Tadoba Andhari National Park.This national park derives its name from a tribal God, worshipped by the people of Tadoba and the Andhari region, named ‘Tadoba’ or ‘Taru’, while Andhari refers to the Andhari river flowing through the forest.

The Tadoba national park encompasses about 577.96 Sq. Km. of reserved forest and 32.51 Sq. Km. of protected forest, thus maintaining a proper balance between adventure seekers and wildlife. The Tadoba national park online booking will bring you luxury resort Tadoba accommodations and even for exciting jungle safaris as well.

One can experience a wide variety of flora and fauna here, including Indian Leopards, Sloth Bears, Honey Badger, and the endangered Indian Python, accompanying a tally of 88 tigers.

Tadoba National Park offers 2 types of Safaris–
  1. Jeep Safari –
    Recommended for Wildlife photographers and families.
    It can accommodate upto 6 people at a time, including a driver and a guide.
  2. Canter Safari –
    It can accommodate upto 22 people at a time and is the most economical and common type of safari.

Acquire this little corner of earth, by booking the online jungle safari Tadoba and for the best Tadoba safari to enjoy.

Owing to the lush greenery around, October till February is the best time to visit Tadoba.

But, the most appropriate time to sight animals is in the summer, when the animals venture around water bodies, but it is also the most discomforting time as the temperature is usually soaring high around that time. In the monsoon season, the core zones remain closed.

But it is actually the journey that matters!

The entry gates for the Tadoba National Park Chandrapur are divided into 2 zones:
  1. Core Zone –
    This is the main forest area, dominated by wildlife.
    Only some parts are open to tourism.
  2. Buffer Zone –
    Tourists can expect some form of human livelihood along with wildlife.
Below are the major entry gates of the national park:
  • Moharli Zone –
    Since it comprises one of the biggest water bodies of the park, around which many animals can be found, hence it is the most renowned zone, wherein you can watch all these by the moharli jungle safari.
  • Khutvanda Zone –
    It comes under the core zone of the reserve and has good animal sightings.
  • Kolara Zone –
    Jamni village is a very famous point, and it comes under the core zone.
    The human livelihood of the village is moved elsewhere.
  • Alizana Zone –
    This is the most beautiful and picturesque place in the national park.
  • Randegi Navegaon –
    It comes under the buffer zone and has good tiger sightings.

The safari timings, for the Tadoba jungle safari, depends upon the season and the usual movement of animals and wildlife, can change.

As per the rules and regulations of Maharashtra’s Forest department, the forest officials manage all the booking procedures.We can do the Tadoba safari bookings online and offline. Managing Tadoba safari bookings, along with best Tadoba accommodations and other arrangements, can prove to be a hectic task. That’s when service providers like Nature’s Sprout come into the picture.

Lean forward to the even more fascinating thing!

The Tadoba safari and stay keeps your hype and excitement to ‘that’ level while you enjoy all the places in the Tadoba national park. Near the moharli gate accommodation of Tadoba tiger reserve, is the Tadoba safari and stay resort that will keep your memories more lively with your loved ones.

Go far enough to meet yourself!

Nature’s Sprout assists with online safari bookings Tadoba National Park and also provides accommodation at prime locations like Tadoba Trails near the Moharli zone and Bodhivann Jungle Camp near Kolara Zone.Nature’s Sprout helps in making one’s visit to the national park, a pleasant and memorable one.

You travel to become ‘YOU’!

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