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 Witness The Everlasting Beauty of Package Tour in Bandhavgarh

Bandhavgarh Jungle Safari

 Witness The Everlasting Beauty of Package Tour in Bandhavgarh

What you want and what you get are entirely different things but here it is not the same!

The heart of India is here to make you feel what you want, i.e., the Bandhavgarh national park known as the tiger state.  Any place having any historical significance linked to it becomes a spot of tourist attraction.

And when the spot is a national park itself, the closeness with nature adds another level of enthusiasm for the visitors. So is the case with Bandhavgarh national park.

It’s your life add some unique things to it!

In the Umaria district of Madhya Pradesh, Bandhavgarh has a core area of over 716 sq. Km. comprising a large breeding population of leopards and various species of deer.

In 1951, Maharaja Mart and Singh of Rewa captured the first white tiger in this region and the park has derived its name from the most prominent hill in the area, Bandhav means Brother and Garh means fort, which is said to have been given by Lord Rama to Laxman for keeping a watch on Lanka.

You can take the Bandhavgarh package to visit around the places and know the rich culture of Bandhavgarh…

The best time to see tigers in Bandhavgarh National Park is from April to May, as during this time, animals come near water bodies to drink, but be prepared for excessive heat and temperature ranges around 40 in this season.

Most visitors come from November to March as the landscape is green during that time and the temperature is around 20.The national park is closed during the monsoon season from July to mid-October.

One can reach Umaria by train and hire a cab for Bandhavgarh National Park tour or Jabalpur is the nearest city that has good flight connectivity with the major cities of India.

From Jabalpur, the national park is around 4.5 hrs drive. Bandhavgarh National Park provides Open Jeep Safari, Canter Safari, Full Day Safari, and Elephant Safari using the Bandhavgarh jungle safari package.

The major zones of the park include:

  • Tala – Chakradhar meadow gives way to the rocky hill topped by Bandhavgarh Fort. Halfway uphill in a groove  of the Charanganga River, liesa statue of reclining Lord Vishnu.
  • Magadhi – The best zone to sight tigers is encompassed by mountains and meadows.
  • Khitauli – Has a great sighting of Tigress with cubs, leopards, and sloth bears.
  • Panpatha – Offers wild dog sightings.
  • Dhamokhar – Arjun chad is the center point of the zone to have breakfast and provides leopards and sloth bear sightings.
  • Johila – Comprises 2 main waterfalls and hence an important zone in summers. Majorly renowned for birdwatchers, as it has migratory and residential birds.

Travelling will give you a tale to explore, just start now with us!!

Government ID proof is mandatory for Bandhavgarh safari bookings and the safari timings may change as per the situation communicated by park management.

National Park is closed on Mondays for evening safaris as per MP government guidelines. The usual Morning Safari timings are 6:30-11:00 from 15th Oct to 15th Feb, 6:00-11:00 from 16th Feb to 31st March, and 5:30-10:00 from 1st April to 31st June.

And for Evening Safari, 14:30-17:30 from 15th Oct to 15th Feb, 15:00-18:00 from 16th Feb to 31st March, 16:00-19:00 from 1st April to 31st June.

Tourists do not need to worry about jungle safari packages Bandhavgarh and the Bandhavgarh safari bookings and management, as service providers like Nature’s Sprout are available at their service. Having a vast experience in providing services to the visitors at different tourist locations, Nature’s Sprout not only helps tourist with safari bookings at Bandhavgarh National Park tour but also provides them with an option of staying at luxury resorts in Bandhavgarh.

A widest range of Bandhavgarh package tour are available to experience the popular and famous places like:

Tala village: Mud houses, lowest point of wildlife reserve, adventure place, serene settings

Baghel museum: Exhibits personal belongings of Maharaja of Rewa

Bandhavgarh hill: Breath-taking views, home to Bandhavgarh Fort

Shesh shaiya: An idol of Lord Vishnu

Bandhvgarh fort: Ancient fort, stunning views

Bhamera dam: Breath-taking views, serene and tranquil surroundings

Chakradhara: Place famous spotting tigers

Having a team of passionate wild lifers, Nature’s Sprout is the best option for any visitor to make their visit to Bandhavgarh National park, peaceful and memorable.

Holiday packages tour in Bandhavgarh – So, we don’t miss it….

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