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Kanha Safari: Best place to see tigers in the wild


Kanha Safari: Best place to see tigers in the wild

Tigers are the most fearsome mammals in the world!

While a sight of an unbound Tiger is a source of fear, a sight of a Tiger from a safe distance with proper precautions is a source of amusement and astonishment for everyone. And if the Tiger is an Indian Royal Bengal Tiger, then the story is altogether different.

One such renowned place, which provides such sights, not only the sightings of Tigers but a various wildlife species, is in India, “Kanha Tiger Reserve”. People can enjoy this place by doing a booking over the kanha national park safari booking.


Kanha Tiger Reserve, also known as Kanha-Kisli National Park, is in the central part of India, in the state of Madhya Pradesh i.e., Kanha national park Madhya Pradesh. It is the largest national park in the state, divided into two protected areas called Hallon and Banjar, respectively. It encompasses around 940 Sq. Km. of an area covering two districts, Mandla and Balaghat. It was the first Tiger Reserve in India to introduce a mascot named Bhoorsingh the Barasingha.

Apart from Barasingha, the reserve is home to different animals and birds, including Indian Leopard, Sloth Bear, Wild Dog, Black Ibis, bee-eaters, vultures, and many more. The reserve is also home to over 1000 species of plants, thus not only providing a serene wildlife experience for tourists but also providing the view of animals with a forest-like natural experience with minimal interruptions with the kanha safari booking online.

Transportation and Access:

The best way to reach Kanha Tiger Reserve is via Jabalpur city. Jabalpur has daily direct flight connectivity to and from cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Pune, and Bhopal, and is located 175 Km from the reserve. Jabalpur is also a major railway station having connectivity all over India. From Jabalpur, one can opt for a tourist taxi service and the best way to reach the park is via Mandla.

Best time for Kanha Safari:

As per the climate of the Central part of India, the best time to enjoy Kanha Safari is between November and March, mainly because summer’s heat is unbearable. Every year the park is open for visitors from 15th October till 30th June. Winter is also a great season for bird watching as lots of migratory birds arrive during this time. March to May is the best time to sight Tigers, as the heat is high and they come out for water bodies.

Entry gates of Kanha Tiger Reserve :

The reserve is divided into 8 zones, 4 core zones, and 4 buffer zones. Kanha, Kisli, Mukki, and Sarhi are the four core zones, while, Khatia, Khapa, Sijhora, and Phen Sanctuary is the buffer areas.

Kanha Safari Bookings:

Open Jeep Safari is the best way to experience wildlife safari in Kanha National Park.

In open jeeps, tourists are accompanied by an experienced naturalist. The tickets can be booked online via kanha safari booking official site or from the booking window available at the entrance of the park.

Nature’s Sprout can help you with best Kanha safari bookings and even with pleasant kanha accommodations. Since a limited number of vehicles are allowed inside the park in any shift, i.e., morning or afternoon, hence it is recommended to book tickets well in advance for which Nature’s Sprout can help you.

For reservation, there are some necessary details required like, Full Name of visitors, Age, Gender, Nationality, any identity proof. Visitors are advised to carry an original ID proof along with a copy.

Accommodation in Kanha National Park:

Considering the serene views and widespread area of the reserve, it is best advised to book hotels in Kanha nearby to the entry gates such as the Kisli gate. Here you can book the Luxury resort in kanha, choice of Kanha accommodation and one of the best resorts in Kanha Kisli national park.

Nature’s Sprout helps tourists and visitors to get the best deal in booking the best hotels and resorts in Kanha National Park near the entry gates, i.e., Khatiya Gate, Mukki Gate & Sarhi Gate. Apart from helping with a pleasant stay, Nature’s Sprout also guides you with booking Kanha Jungle Safari at the best time and from the best gate with proximity. Nature’s Sprout is dedicated to making one’s vacation at Kanha Tiger Reserve, a memorable one.

The kanha package tour will be the best choice to spend your vacation with your loved ones and if we are surrendered to earth’s intelligence we can rise up rooted like trees. The Green thing – Feel the fresh air and enjoy the beauty everywhere!


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