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The Uniqueness Facts of Satpura National Park

Satpura Jungle Safari

If one gets thrilled by sheer thinking of spending time amidst nature and wildlife, then they don’t have to look beyond Satpura National Park.

Satpura National Park also called Satpura Tiger Reserve, is in the Hoshangabad district of Madhya Pradesh and is rich in biodiversity, comprising leopard, sambar, chital, Nilgai, Chinkara, Wild Boar, flying squirrel, along with a variety of birds, including Hornbills and Peafowl. Enjoy your vacation by taking up the Satpura package tour with the Satpura jungle safari booking and the Satpura safari.

Satpura Jungle Safari

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It derives its name from the Satpura Range and covers an area of 524 sq. Km. and 2,200 sq. Km. along with adjoining Bori and Pachmarhi wildlife sanctuaries. Take a Satpura wildlife tour to go beyond these feet!!

The best time to visit the Satpura Tiger Reserve is between October to April. The reserve experiences winter from November to February, during which the temperature varies from 4-15°C.From July to September, the reserve remains closed, as the area experiences monsoon during this period. How about a safari booking Satpura in this time?

Being in central India, the temperature is extreme, which is reflected by the temperature during summer, from March to June, which ranges from 30-40°C.

One can plan a standalone trip to the reserve or can combine it along with a visit to Pachmarhi hill station, which is accessible via road from nearby cities like Jabalpur, Narsinghpur, Chindwara, Bhopal, and Betul. Include the Satpura national park safari booking in your trip plan and do your bookings online jungle safari Satpura. In addition to this, the hotel booking in Satpura reserve will cover up this offbeat tourism spot…

Following are some of the best zones one can visit in the Satpura national park–

  1. Lagadha –
    Situated on the foothills of mountains, Sonbhadra flows right next to it.
    On the bank of the river, there are large boulders that serve as a platform to have breakfast with a view.
    While enjoying breakfast, one can have a sighting of a crocodile or leopard at a distance. 
  2. Jhin Jhini Mehel –
    The forest has an ancient tribal temple hidden deep inside the forest.
    These temples are composed of massive rocks placed one above another without using concrete, thus giving cultural value to the area.
  3. Churna –
    To plan a visit to Churna, one has to combine 2 permits of morning and evening from Madhai.
    One has to plan for booking for this area, as permitted vehicles are fewer.
    One can also plan an overnight trip here, for which booking has to be done with the forest department.
  4. Panarpani –
    It comes under the Pachmarhi biosphere and comprises a butterfly garden, which is home to 125 species of butterflies.
  5. Paraspani –
    It holds rich vegetation, comprising ponds, streams, grasslands, riverbanks, etc.
  6. Sehra –
    It is closer to Denwa and is overloaded with lush green meadows.
    It also comprises an old shrine that used to be a regular pilgrim destination for the locals.

On a trip, it is difficult to manage everything on our own, and hence service providers like Nature’s Sprout are present.

Nature’s Sprout not only helps in jungle safari booking at Satpura National Park but also provides best accommodation Satpura options at premium wildlife resorts near the reserve. All the resorts provided by them are equipped with modern facilities. Along with Satpura jungle safari, they also arrange fun activities at the resort in satpura to make the stay memorable for the guests.
A combination of Satpura wildlife safari, exciting activities, and great accommodation makes one’s vacation with Nature’s Sprout, an extraordinary event.

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