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The Hidden Secrets of Kanha Safari Zones


The Hidden Secrets of Kanha Safari Zones

Kanha National Park

Kanha National Park Madhya Pradesh was started on 1st June 1995 and has become one of the most mind-blowing tiger reserves in the entire of India. Kanha has a sum of 940 square kilometres which is categorized into two districts, forming a horseshoe shape in the province of Madhya Pradesh and 100 miles southeast of Jabalpur. The Kanha Kisli National Park has got its name Kanha from the texture of the soil found in the region, which is locally called Kanha. The topography highlights of Kanha National Park of Asia were rolling grasslands and bamboo forests, divided by meandering streams to create dramatic natural splendour.


Best Tiger Sighting Zones in Kanha Park and its Hidden Secrets!!!

Khatia Zone in Kanha Tiger Reserve:

Khatia is a buffer safari zone present in Kanha national park. The Khatia zone is otherwise called the Kisli gate. The Khatia zone is worthy for those tourists, who are planning to stay at resorts near Khatia entrance gate. The best luxury resort located near Kisli gate resorts will give you a memorable trip! The bookings of Khatia safari zones are made online for travellers with the goal that they can do Khatia zone safari tickets booking in advance, for desired dates. The Khatia zone is helpful for travellers who can change their trip plan by changing their travel dates or travel objectives.

Khatia safari zone lies in the western region of Kanha tiger reserve. Khatia zone safari tourists will utilize a similar Khatia door for access to have wilderness safari in this zone. So, now, what will be your attractions here? Attractions of this zone are sighting of Tigers, Spotted Deer, Sambhar, Indian Gaur, Sloth Bear, and Wild Boar etc.

There is no actual limit between core zone and buffer zone thus it would be inappropriate to infer that here animals sighting will be impecunious. But it is believed that buffer zones will get more popularity with increased safari drives by tourists and for better sightings.

Here, we have listed the popular places in the Khatia zone,

Kanha ZoneKisli ZoneSarhi ZoneMukki Zone
Kanha MeadowsDigdolaJamuntolaBishanpura


Sarhi Zone in Kanha Tiger Reserve

Sarhi zone is situated on the northern side of Kanha National Park. The vegetation in the Sarhi zone is dense because tiger sighting is a little bit challenging in all seasons except summer. The famous tigers present in the Sarhi zone are Matigahan Male T-20, Dhamangaon Male and some tigresses. Sarhi is a newly developed entrance gate of Kanha national park tourism thus, it is less popular among visitors but now MPSTDC has developed its own hotel and the forest department has developed many additional amusement facilities for tourists.

The prime fact about Sarhi zone is that its accessibility is very good and the crowds of tourists are less thus it is easy to get safari tickets through Kanha jungle safari online booking. The Sarhi zone is very popular for good sightings of Sloth Bear, Nilgai (Blue Bull), Dholes (Wild Dog) and Leopards. Travellers who have booked shared safari tickets must enter from Sarhi gate only as their booked safari vehicle will be waiting for travellers at that Sarhi gate so tourists are advised to arrange Kanha accommodation nearby that entrance gate.

Here, we have listed camp details to visit in the Sarhi zone while on Kanha jungle safari tour.

JamuntolaUmerkhera CampRonda Camp
MahuadabriKariwaha CampGaneri-dadar
Sonf CampKariwah CampKhuluwa


Mukki Zone in Kanha National Park!

And then it will cover you with wild scenarios; hugs you so gently; you know with rich species!

Mukki zone is situated at the southern side of Kanha. Mukki zone is very popular for tiger sighting and its tiger sighting record is also good. After the Kanha zone, Mukki zone was considered as the second core zone that was opened for travellers and thus it is stated as the oldest jungle safari zone in Kanha National Park. As the Mukki zone is very old, it is very popular among wildlife lovers. Kanha National Park India is closed for tourists coming from South India. The southern-part of Kanha National Park is very close to the Madhya Pradesh-Chhattisgarh state border. All the wildlife lovers mostly visit Kanha tiger reserve, through this entrance gate. Raipur city is just 230kms from Mukki gate, via Malanjkhand-Gandai route.

Here, we have listed some of the popular places to visit in the Mukki zone.

Kanha ZoneKisli ZoneSarhi ZoneMukki Zone
Kanha MeadowsDigdolaJamuntolaBishanpura

Interesting thing is that, the members of Baiga tribe from central India lived in 28 villages within this Kanha national park when they were relocated. This is also considered to be the ancestral home of the Gond and Baiga tribes. Nature’s sprouts will bring you a clearest way into the universe by providing an exotic forest wilderness experience. Feel the pleasure in these woods!

How to book hotels and resorts in Kanha?

Here comes the Nature’s Sprout expertise to offer the best stay in Kanha. We have various categories of resorts in Kanha to assist for best accommodation in Kanha. One can plan stay of 2 Nights 3 days or 3 Nights/ 4 Days while planning a trip to Kanha.

How to book safaris in Kanha? How to Plan Kanha Safari?

Kanha safaris are booked online, Nature’s Sprout can assist in online Kanha safari booking for our guests. Government Id cards are needed to book Kanha Safaris. Kanha is one of the most pristine and beautiful National Park in India. The flora and fauna in Kanha ensures the delight to the tourists.

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